Oral Medicine

Oral Medicine

Oral Chinese medicine focuses on the selection has the function carry on the processing of traditional Chinese medicines for activating blood circulation and make oral capsules or herbal medicinal broth, taken by mouth to remove the poison of viscera wet muddy phlegm and blood stasis.

【 function 】

1, with emphasis on the use of drugs for activating blood circulation, the purpose is promoting blood circulation to remove blood stasis to solve all kinds of inflammation and poison and blood stasis;

2, the practice proved in kidney disease treatment effect is very good.

【 principle 】

Through the oral Chinese medicine capsules or one remove cardiopulmonary spleen and stomach and liver of twelve meridians of toxic pathogens, so that the blood flow and fluid distribution. Dissolve the blood stasis, water wet, nitrogen and other pathological product of foundation.

【 use 】

1, focus on promoting detoxification, along with the other card to add and subtract;

2, in the treatment of reuse in our various treatment prescriptions.

【 usage 】

1, water frying juice 100-300 ml, 1-3 times of oral, 1-3 times a day;

2, 3 to 7 days for a period of treatment, the sharing of 7 to 10 a course of treatment.

【 efficacy 】

1, increase of urine, night reduced the volume of urine, yellow color, taste thicken, appear flocculent precipitates, etc;

2, early recovery of kidney function (urine creatinine increased), nocturia, blood stasis symptom improvement;

3, the whole body poisoning symptoms, relieve skin itch or ease, ammonia smell disappear in the mouth, the digestive tract symptoms improved, increased appetite.

Oral Medicine

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