Nephropathy treatment of drug reduction should pay attention

Nephropathy treatment of drug reduction should pay attention

Factors that aggravate the burden on the kidneys, whether primary kidney disease or secondary kidney disease, unlike some infectious diseases can be obtained through the prevention of immunity and achieve the purpose of preventing the disease. Many kidney disease is difficult to prevent the occurrence of prior, most have no cure, often the decline of renal function, will develop into chronic renal failure. The decline of renal function, will develop into chronic renal failure. The decline of renal function, in addition to the role of kidney disease itself, some of the factors that increase kidney damage often accelerate the deterioration of renal function.

One factor that aggravates the burden on the kidneys: high blood pressure

Hypertension is one of the clinical manifestations of kidney disease, which means that hypertension can exacerbate kidney burden and worsen renal function. Renal damage caused by hypertension are mostly irreversible glomerulosclerosis, renal atherosclerosis. Especially when the glomerular lesion lesions more pronounced, so is suffering from hypertension in patients, should try to control blood pressure, can not be ignored, especially in the elderly, high incidence of hypertension, and the kidney itself Aging and dysfunction appear, we should always pay attention to changes in renal function.

Nephropathy treatment of drug reduction should pay attention to what kind of problem

Two factors that increase the burden on the kidneys: drugs

Kidney disease patients often due to the application of nephrotoxic drugs and rapid deterioration of renal function. As one of the metabolic organs of the drug, the kidney is easily damaged by the drug.

There are two ways in which drugs damage the kidneys, one is direct damage, such as nephrotoxic drugs can directly damage the tubules, and drug concentration;

The other is indirect damage, which damage many ways: the main allergic damage, damage to immune complexes, hemodynamic and rheological changes in damage, electrolyte damage caused by the disorder, the drug can damage the kidneys can A direct result of renal tubular necrosis, osmotic pressure nephropathy, nephritis or glomerular changes, obstructive nephropathy.

At the same time, those who have renal dysfunction, such as the elderly, patients with chronic kidney disease, more common cause further decline in renal function. It should be noted that some drugs are often used in patients with kidney disease, should be under the guidance of a doctor medication.

Three factors that increase the burden on the kidneys: infection

In addition to streptococcal acute glomerulonephritis and other glomerular diseases, many of the glomerular disease can not be excluded except bacteria, viruses and other infectious agents, chronic nephritis relapse or acute attack and infection are also a great relationship. For now, causing chronic renal failure, uremia appear, first of all is a variety of glomerular diseases, followed by chronic pyelonephritis, diabetic nephropathy, and the first two are caused by infection, one is extremely vulnerable to infection.

Therefore, prevention and control of infection is of great importance to protect the kidneys and prevent the deterioration of renal function. For recurrent tonsil infection, suspected kidney involvement, infection control, viable tonsillectomy. Chronic renal failure should be prevented due to bacteria and other acute gastroenteritis, pay attention to food hygiene, so as to avoid vomiting, diarrhea lead to hypovolemia, electrolyte disorders and aggravate renal failure, the use of antibiotics should try to choose toxic drugs.

Four factors that increase the burden on the kidneys: high-protein diet

Previously considered kidney disease due to the loss of a large number of proteinuria, the use of lost how much to make up the number of methods, the current study that this view is not reasonable, because the root causes are not removed, but due to a large number of protein intake, glomerular filtration is still lost, It is also due to increase the glomerular hyperfiltration, accelerate glomerular sclerosis. A large number of high-protein diet inappropriate, in order to ensure a positive nitrogen balance, renal failure patients due to excessive protein intake, will aggravate azotemia, advocates spear to control.

Five factors to increase the burden on the kidneys: exercise

The impact of exercise on the kidneys is mainly due to decreased renal blood flow during exercise, decreased glomerular filtration rate, or due to the increased range of activities of the kidneys during exercise, or due to increased acidic metabolites during exercise and other factors, thereby increasing the burden on the kidneys or Prejudice the kidneys. In addition, chronic nephritis and uremia patients with poor physical strength, kidney function also have varying degrees of decline, should be to avoid violent physical activity.

Increase the burden on the kidney factor six: pregnancy vibration

Pregnancy vibration body tissues and organs are subject to certain effects. The impact of pregnancy vibration on the kidney is mainly due to pregnancy Shuzeng Shuinazhuliu, blood dilution, coagulation substances caused by hypercoagulable state, increased fetal pressure or estrogen levels caused by urinary tract expansion, resulting in increased renal blood flow, kidney High perfusion in the ball, high filtration state, and easily complicated by urinary tract infection, once the existing kidney disease or hypertension, can easily damage the kidneys. Therefore, patients with chronic kidney disease is suitable for pregnancy vibration, should take full account of all aspects of the decision. Prenatal and prenatal seizures do pregnancy and health care, regular measurement of blood pressure and urinary protein, once there are signs of occurrence, should be promptly treated, the original high blood pressure, kidney disease, diabetes, pregnant women should be vigilant.

Read the above introduction, I hope can be helpful to you, if you have any questions about kidney disease need to understand in detail, you can consult our online experts, our experts will reply you as soon as possible.

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