Tongshantang kidney disease hospital book reading in popular

Tongshantang kidney disease hospital book reading in popular

Tongshantang kidney disease hospital book reading in popular language meridian acupoints coated iron 

Patients received small change area Chinese medicine kidney apply iron browse books together with their families 


With constant expansion of high-tech fields, acupuncture point apply iron, such as fumigation for TCM therapy has a bigger development, at present, all kinds of health care drug pillow, medicine pad, yuan high-tech products such as air pocket, treatment instrument, make the supersession of external treatment to shine. In order to be able to better interpret the connotation of the Chinese medicine acupuncture point apply iron, Beijing Tongshantang kidney disease hospital stone & Webster's new book, "acupuncture point apply iron treatment for kidney disease" by hebei science and technology publishing house recently. 

After years of clinical treatment of kidney disease and the huangdi neijing, "element asked" and so on the basis of the research on the medical literature, stone & Webster meridian treatment indications widely by coated iron mining, the use of safe, take effect quickly, sometimes surprise effect, no adverse reaction characteristics, according to different kidney disease using traditional Chinese medicine dialectical thinking, and interpretation of the profound Chinese medicine theory in popular language and writing the book, to guide the public through the skin, meridians, acupuncture points, the absorption of effective components of Chinese medicine on disease such as reflex zones, discharge of toxic substances in the body at the same time, to adjust the viscera of Yin and Yang, supporting, so as to achieve the purpose of the treatment and prevention of disease. 

TCM doctor, deputy director of the stone & Webster, huaxia nephropathy of the institute, was awarded the netizen poll leading medical field, such as Beijing Tongshantang hundreds of youth dreamer reputation. Long engaged in kidney disease clinical medical treatment, teaching and scientific research work, proficient in Chinese and western medicine treatment of all kinds of kidney disease, especially good at removing blood pollution technology to treat kidney disease. Published in core journals of science and technology dozens of medical and scientific research theses, ten several research topics first ZhuYanRen, participate in works such as the basic theory and clinical kidney fibrosis. 

"Chinese medicine is a great treasure, as early as 2 million years ago in the primitive society, human beings in order to survive, the topical hemostatic, the pain would have learned to use plant, which was the origin of patches apply in cure, also can saying is the medical bud." Stone & Webster says, along with the progress of The Times, constantly improve the level of medical, medicines for external use to treat disease not only is domestic patients, and is adopted by more and more foreign patients. 

So-called apply iron, is made from a variety of different drug powder, paste, paste, bread agent, pills, suppositories, medicinal broth, etc., were applied in department or a certain acupuncture points to hot compress, so as to cure disease of a kind of external treatment methods; Medicine believes that acupuncture and moxibustion, massage, surgery, drugs smoked, ironing, apply, stick, and belong to the treatment, such as effects on the human body meridians or facial features, in areas such as the nine orifices to treatment and prevention of disease. 

Broad and profound Chinese medicine theory is difficult to be understood, its therapeutic effect is significant, stone & Webster spoke in a language you are "item" to "high culture" of Chinese medicine theory to interpret clearly, let ordinary people also can understand Chinese medicine acupuncture point apply iron, and get healthy. "Of China's earliest medical literature in the fifty-two diseases party fumigation method, chitin, coated, etc., during the eastern han dynasty medical sage of zhang zhongjing in the theory of typhoid miscellaneous disease also documented flipping, iron, medicine, pesticide, soak the foot, gels and other external treatment methods, we hope that we can carry forward these valuable cultural heritage, help more patients get healthy." Stone & Webster said. 

Based on this, the stone & Webster, led the hospital backbone doctor of traditional Chinese medicine external treatment medicine said, grinds only with great concentration "fifty-two diseases party", "theory of typhoid miscellaneous disease", "the daughter s", "compendium of materia medica" and the peaceful holy benevolence formulae, and many other classic, and combining with actual clinical experience, the traditional acupuncture point apply iron therapy and new methods and discusses comprehensively, mainly according to the position and size of illness, nature, and the patient's skin tolerance, for the treatment of kidney disease, acupuncture point apply iron makes a detailed interpretation. 

Stone & Webster is introduced, the occurrence and development of kidney disease, clinical syndrome, the root cause is viscera, meridian, dysfunctional want to combine the anatomical features of kidney, using the dialectical treatment of main and collateral channels, and with the aid of modern laboratory examination means and pathologic classification, clinical various types of kidney disease with different syndrome, analyze, summarize, summarized, in order to make clear the cause of disease pathogenesis, as well as disease damage organization, to identify disease table depth, disease fever and illness they are false or true, then the dialectical and disease, accordingly to match point prescription. 

"Such as polycystic kidney meridian sticking on at least three prescriptions, including taking mulberry parasitism, windproof, angelica, eucommia bark, clematis root, rhizoma ligustici wallichii, 16 Chinese herb tune into a paste of remedies, apply adequate amount to the bl 22, Ming, close yuan of acupuncture point, has a good effect." Stone & Webster said. 

Chitin, cure drug selection must be fierce and living, thick and strong fragrant scent all go up the potent drug taste of the main body, according to the lesion site, the nature of the disease, course length, strength, such as selecting proper drug compatibility of drugs. "Acupuncture point apply iron for the treatment of kidney disease first drug is given priority to with kidney, spleen, diuresis, at the same time with the card to add and subtract." Stone & Webster reminds, patients should be performed strictly according to the expert guidance of traditional Chinese medicine sticking therapy, remember not to use or make adjustments. 

The content mainly includes four aspects: acupuncture point of basic theory, meridian apply ironing operation method, basic knowledge and kidney meridian coated iron specific prescriptions for the treatment of kidney disease. "The book of traditional therapy and some new methods are collating and interpretation, and chose the micro area Chinese medicine kidney and liver area, perineum area apply iron, micro Chinese medicine foot massage your feet, the whole body bath, the micro chemical medicine enclosure pull poison and other external treatment in detail, have been expanded kidney disease treatment, improve the effect of clinical treatment." Stone & Webster said. 

At present, in order to make the patients achieved good effect on acupuncture point apply iron, stone & Webster was instructing the hospital of traditional Chinese medicine laboratory, a dietitian and nursing department to write suitable for different types and stages of kidney disease patients healthy diet books. 

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