TCM masters: had blood in the urine?

TCM masters: had blood in the urine?

TCM masters: had blood in the urine? 

Xiao li thought always in good health, but recent unit check-up was found to have blood in the urine, specialist out-patient consultation immediately to the hospital, the outpatient service a lot at ordinary times like this. 

The so-called blood in the urine, including microscopic haematuria and macroscopic hematuria. Only under the microscope found urine red blood cells, and eyes look not to come out of blood in the urine, called microscopic haematuria, the blood in the urine are easy to be ignored; If the eyes can see urine with meat "wash water samples" or bloody, even urine has blood or blood clots, called the naked eye hematuria. 

So, with blood in the urine? Patients must first to normal hospital, usually for blood in the urine of specialized subject doctor make further judgment: 

(a) ruled out some causes of pseudo hematuria 

1. The pseudo hematuria pollution such as menstruation, bleeding hemorrhoids. 

2. The red urine caused by certain foods or drugs. Food such as pepper, sugar beet and contain the food with artificial colouring, etc., and certain medications (see below) are eligible to make red or red urine, and is easily misdiagnosed as "blood in the urine. 

3. Eliminate diseases cause hemoglobinuria, myoglobinuria. 

4. Small exercise of healthy people at ordinary times, increase carry momentum suddenly can appear athletic hematuria. 

After rule out the above factors, can only be determined for true blood in the urine. 

(2) further points out the exact source of hematuria 

Basically see glomerular hematuria is from renal tubules, calyces and renal pelvis, ureter, bladder and urethra. In addition to the clinical application of imaging methods, three cups of urine test, blood test, the main also identified by phase contrast microscope technology. Check urine red blood cell morphology, if a red blood cell in urine samples sizes, perse and often prompts hematuria is sick, glomerular and into the urine. To distinguish between red blood cells in urine is from the glomerulus is or not. 

(3) determine the cause of blood in the urine 

The causes of blood in the urine is more, of which about 98% comes from urinary tract diseases; About 2% comes from urinary adjacent organs or systemic disease. Blood in the urine specific reasons roughly as follows: 

1, urinary tract diseases such as inflammation of the urinary organs (infection and the infection of different), tuberculosis, stones, cancer, polyps, deformity or vascular abnormalities, trauma, etc. 

2, urinary tract adjacent organs disease such as prostatitis, acute appendicitis, acute pelvic inflammatory disease and colorectal cancer, etc. 

3, some systemic diseases such as infective endocarditis, allergic purpura, systemic lupus erythematosus (sle), nodular polyarteritis, renal artery embolism, etc. 

4, medicine and chemical factors, such as sulfa, cephalosporins, indomethacin, rifampicin and phenytoin sodium, cyclophosphamide, mannitol, anticoagulant, mercurial, Spanish fly side effects or toxic effects. 

5, and other such as transient hematuria after exercise. 

Of traditional Chinese medicine thinks, nixie for thermal perturbation points caused by injury and choroid blood more, but have a real fire and the production of body fluid. Real fire see more at onset precipitously, nixie red, usually have urethral burning sensation when urine; Virtual see more than ferrite virtual or chronic disease for a long time not more traces, nixie reddish, urine nor hot feeling. 

For the traces of regulating should pay attention to the following points -- - 

Actively prevent colds, avoid overfatigue, try to avoid violent activity. 

Pay attention to diet, eat more delicate and rich nutrition food, such as celery, shepherd's purse, lily flower, fresh lotus root, lotus root, lotus leaf, cogongrass rhizome, radix rehmanniae, horse tooth, black fungus, peanuts, clothes, water chestnut, Chinese wolfberry, donkey-hide gelatin, etc. Should avoid the following foods: pepper, pepper, cinnamon, cloves, ginseng, white wine, garlic, ginger, onion, fennel, goose, rooster, dog meat, mutton, all kinds of fish, shrimp, crab, coriander, mustard, litchi, longan meat, etc. Quit smoking wine. 

Unless swelling significantly, encourage more water, frequent urination, reducing the salt crystals in the urine speed up drug or stones excretion. 

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