Taking ginseng has exquisite slow renal failure patients

Taking ginseng has exquisite slow renal failure patients

Taking ginseng has exquisite slow renal failure patients 

For resting to restore energy, ginseng has been first choice medicine, pregnancy specific functions are as follows: 

Ginseng taste sweet, bitter, lukewarm, into the spleen, lung, main effect for large fill vigor, oneself yiqi, ning god puzzle. Ginseng in slow 

Wide application in renal failure, also can call it blindly medicine. 

(1) or insufficiency of qi: used to block and repulsion is deficient, the clinical manifestation of god weakness sleepiness, fatigue body tired, less gas lazy words, tongue baby fat, edge 

Teeth marks the disorder of qi deficiency, weak pulse, etc can be preferred ginseng for replenishing qi tonify deficiency. If belong to qi and Yin deficiency, available when alum to refs 

(shen Buddha born book) qi and nourishing Yin to buffer, for every good work. Which tends to qi deficiency or qi and Yin deficiency and the person that weigh can use ginseng 10 

~ 12 g other Fried elected to take liquid medicine; If be Yang deficiency, ginseng reclamation should be small, generally 3 ~ 6 grams, or choose the American ginseng nourishing Yin yiqi, 

No temperature drying of more appropriate, method is also another frying in the solution. Late chronic renal failure patients affected by heart palpitations, and has a 

Pulse imaginary, shortness of breath, or "generation of the mood deficiency syndrome, usable ginseng with dwarf lilyturf, fructus schisandrae, namely pulse dispersion. 

(2) born activing blood: each now blood deficiency of the kidney failure patients, such as sallow complexion, eyelids and lips pale, palpitation and shortness of breath, head dizzy 

Dizzy, pale tongue veins thin, etc. Zhongjing ginseng as li dongheng once adjustment: "blood, blood cover not born 8, must live sun be the spirit of medicine is born, sun 

Yin long, blood is flourishing. If a single blood tonic Yin deficiency, the number of blood, no Yang is also. "Wu in blood tonic ginseng with yiqi consequently 

The blood, and well service uniforms. We have to treat a women with chronic renal failure, and hemoglobin 49 g/l on admission, the secondary anemia more 

Serious. Through to daily 10 grams of red ginseng water decoction, and take wheat flavour when day 1 agent, treatment of 41 days review hemoglobin rose to 87 grams/liter 

. When discharged from hospital to continue serving the red ginseng, is stable condition. 

(3) fixed to take off the emergency: ginseng tonic, can save off the danger. When the uremia patients with end-stage died however collapsed, sweat out, pulse 

Micro heart syndrome, can be a large dose of ginseng 15 ~ 30 grams of Fried field, or with the attached tablet 6 ~ 12 g decoct soup. 

(4) yiqi nourish: "who gas out of medicine, patients with chronic renal failure kidney weary will defend not solid, easy to attacks while table now 

Certificate. If constantly sweating, qi deficiency not only encourage weakness, no sweat of evil, and strong hair khan will be even more of the sun be the spirit. So all in deficiency of feeling 

Of cold syndrome, while replenishing qi to sweat source, eli drum out evil, and evil remove is Ann, replenishing qi to tonify deficiency, as well as of evil spirits. Such as 

Ginseng disease spread, Sue drinks, take ginseng, of people evacuation of cold agent in yiqi of evil. As the flow of huang 

Cloud: "evil is too long and not who, no. The true qi deficiency is not the enemy, so the lingering and confused, we have to fill and really do not have full, 

Since cannot let. " 

Ginseng type is the main element of the ginseng, it can stimulate hematopoietic organs, increase peripheral blood erythrocyte and hemoglobin levels; prompt 

Serum antibody generation, improve immune function; Improve the excretion of urine muscle research; Can resist shock, have dual phase adjustment function of blood pressure; can 

Increase the serum calcium, display the synergy with the anti-seizure drug pharmacology. So you can take ginseng under the guidance of professional doctor of traditional Chinese medicine, 

Promote the recovery. 

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