(1) therapeutic principles:

(1) therapeutic principles:

Chinese medicine osmosis therapy characteristic therapy of Chinese medicine osmosis characteristic one, invigorate the circulation, t2dm treatment process: 

(1) therapeutic principles: 

1, the expansion of the renal artery and gastrointestinal artery, increasing blood flow perfusion of kidney and body; 

2, improve microcirculation, increase oxygen supply, enhance metabolism; 

3, ease the internal environment of the state of disorder caused by the oxygen; 

4, relieve symptoms. 

(2) : 

1, kidney renal artery expansion at all levels, thus increasing the glomerular perfusion amount, reduced the glomerulus internal pressure, at the same time, it reduces the high of glomerular filtration. Will eventually slow down and control the progress of glomerular sclerosis. 

After 2, peripheral vascular expansion, due to increased blood circulation to effective, it must can improve the skin state, and the micro circulation barrier, slowly poisoning caused by renal failure. 

3, the digestive tract after vasodilation, increased the blood perfusion of the digestive tract, improve the microcirculation of alimentary canal caused by renal failure, at this time the digestive tract mucosal swelling began to fade, digestive juices begin to secrete increased, bowel detoxification function. 

(3) the clinical symptoms table: 

1, the beginning of urine increased, urine color is darker, thicken smell; 

2, blood in urine creatinine begins to increase gradually, the kidneys began to row poison; 

3, proteinuria leakage, occult blood gradually reduce; 

4, began to subside edema, etc. 

5, fatigue symptoms gradually; 

6, face with the palm of your hand start rosy; 

In July and start sweating; 

8, itchy skin symptoms gradually decreased; 

9, stable blood pressure symptoms gradually, even down to normal, adhere to the use of antihypertensive agents can also be reduced step by step, some patients can also stop using blood pressure drugs and not rebound. 

Digestive system is also characterized by the following symptoms: 

Mouth ammonia smell began to disappear; Began to increase appetite; Uremia, gastritis symptom relief, nausea, vomiting symptoms disappear; To improve gastrointestinal function, intestinal detoxification function, defecate expedite and so on. 

Chinese medicine osmosis therapy characteristic QuYu, clearing process: 

(1) therapeutic principles: 

1, the Chinese medicine active substance target positioning in damaged kidney tissue, muscle fibroblasts and immune complex; 

2, and lesions in the kidney tissue, muscle, fibroblasts and immune complex closer integration; 

3, after fusion, release a series of effective ingredient, the pathological changes of kidney tissue and immune complex attack, deterioration in kidney tissue and muscle fibroblasts and broken. 

4, Chinese traditional medicine can also activate a series of active material degradation enzyme, degradation of kidney tissue and immune complex blocking kidney continues to worsen. 

(2) features: 

1, the Chinese medicine active substance removal of lesion tissue specificity and specificity; 

2, because has the specificity and the specificity, traditional Chinese medicine active substance on healthy kidney recognition, reserved, not attack. 

3, the treatment process is the key to the whole process of kidney repair. Due to lesions of for a long time, the Chinese medicine active substance, after enters the body will be non-stop for a long time to release the active substances, repair the damaged renal intrinsic cells gradually, until the lesion is completely removed. 

(3) the clinical symptoms table: 

1, clinical symptoms, reduce gradually, the disease basically stable. In that case, as long as it can avoid the susceptible factors of interference, the illness will not recur. 

2, the urine inspection: gradually turbid urine, accompanied by floc, proteinuria, urine occult blood gradually reduce; 24-hour proteinuria quantitative will gradually reduce; 

3, blood electrolyte, blood biochemistry, and the disorder of basic up to balance; 

4, creatinine and urea nitrogen, uric acid declined steadily; 

5, increased glomerular filtration; 

6, began to rise, hemoglobin, effectively relieve anemia phenomenon. 

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