Uremia exactly how to treat

Uremia exactly how to treat

Uremia exactly how to treat 

Here are several experienced by Chinese medicine penetration therapy uremia process and different stage of the symptoms 

Treatment of kidney disease, experience the following three processes: 

(1) blood know luo (on kidney tissue oxygen) process: 

Characteristic therapy of traditional Chinese medicine active substance selectively target positioning in arteries at all levels, and its closely integrated, prompting renal artery expansion, increase effective renal blood perfusion and oxygen to increase for the damage to the glomeruli, improving microcirculation, promoting metabolism. 

Through a series of the function, the renal hemodynamic changes, can alleviate hardening, necrosis of mesangial proliferation, leading to a high of glomerular perfusion, relieve the glomerulus internal pressure and high filtration state; At the same time, promote the renal blood vessels around, improve the body circulation, promote open sweat pore, make the toxin with sweat out; And, improve microcirculation, gastrointestinal mucosa reduce mucosal edema, accelerate the secretion of digestive juice, increase appetite, so as to alleviate disease progression. 

Clinical symptoms of the process table is: the blood in the urine creatinine begins to grow in quantity, renal hypertension, systemic poisoning symptoms, such as fatigue, vomiting gone, increased appetite, and began to sweat, urine and began to gradually increase, change color, turbidity and smell. 

(2) and remove stasis (office of lesions found in addition to) process: 

Chinese medicine active substance infiltration therapy, after the selective target positioning in lesions, renal artery after the first phase of expansion, increase oxygen supply and improve the microcirculation, and diseased tissue and immune complex closer integration, the lesions damage all of a sudden outbreak of immune complexes and the proliferation of mesangial cells, matrix, such as hardening of the glomerulus of diseased tissue completely break, crack, broken down into small pieces, along with the metabolism of blood circulation. 

The process of clinical symptom table is: proteinuria, occult blood began to decrease, creatinine began to decline, all kinds of laboratory test index tends to be stable, as long as is not affected by susceptible factors, the phase office will lasting found in addition to the function. 

(3) gave birth to a new reorganization and reconstruction, repair () process: 

Has experienced invigorate the circulation, remove blood stasis in the kidney pathological evolution after, began to fully into the new stage of repair. The damage to parts and functions of the kidney were fundamentally improved, eventually to the index of clinical symptoms and laboratory test is normal. 

, Beijing Tongshantang kidney disease hospital, original Chinese medicine osmosis therapy characteristic through regulating immune function, repair glomerular basement membrane, active ingredients of drugs through the acupuncture point diffusion to the patients with kidney, to invigorate the circulation of t2dm, remove blood stasis removing, repair the new born as the way, to dredge the kidney, activation of renal function for the purpose. To promote and improve the already shrinking necrosis of the renal microcirculation, accelerate the metabolism of lesions in the kidney, the active ingredients give full play to the role of drugs, repair the damaged glomerular, increased glomerular heavy absorption, the restoration of normal kidney function. 

Uremia exactly how to treat? Attach the following treatment: 

Uremia patients: Jiang Chun, male, liaoning people 

Feel dizzy patients readme: three years ago, the local measuring blood pressure is 200/120 MMHG, diagnosed as "genetic hypertension", to give oral antihypertensive 0 Beijing control of blood pressure. A year ago a dry mouth, night urination much and to the local hospital to do B to exceed, according to the double kidney shrink, 650 umol/L, creatinine, blood pressure 180/90 MMHG, diagnosed as "chronic nephritis, chronic renal insufficiency period", giving oral group horizon, renal failure, particles and cefuroxime Sammy drugs, such as improper control of blood pressure, creatinine increased to 1180 umol/L, double leg edema, and fatigue. In March 2008 clinical shenyang * * hospital, the hospital decided to give blood dialysis, because of the economic ability is limited, without dialysis. 

Hospital: for treatment in late march to hefei kidney disease hospital. Hospital diagnosis: late chronic glomerular nephritis, chronic renal insufficiency (uremia period), renal hypertension. Patients admitted to hospital check creatinine is 1280 umol/L, urea nitrogen tendency for 45 L, 31 + proteinuria, occult blood 21 +. Given Chinese medicine osmosis therapy for one and a half after treatment, patients' mental state, complexion is ruddy. Treatment after two and a half, check: creatinine is 600 umol/L, urea nitrogen tendency for 29.88 / L, proteinuria 1 +, 1 + occult blood, edema, fade. Continue after three course of treatment, check: creatinine is 110 umol/L, urea nitrogen tendency for 6.08 / L, proteinuria, occult blood -- symptoms disappear, completely discharged after treatment. 

Expert review: this is by chronic glomerulonephritis patients into uremia, the disease occurrence, development faster, but after a positive and effective treatment, it is the radical treatment. In TCM herbal penetration therapy can regulate the body immune function, repair glomerular basement membrane, eradicate fundamentally of proteinuria, occult blood. For uremic patients, the infiltration of Chinese medicine therapy can not only relieve the clinical symptoms, but also the centralizer exorcism, invigorating qi, strengthen the function of urinary detox, so as to activate the nephron, promote renal microcirculation, accelerate the metabolism of the kidney, atrophic kidneys recover to normal size, creatinine and urea nitrogen discharge toxins from feces has, can be like a normal healthy life after treatment. 

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