Uremia patients to the latest breakthrough - new combine tra

Uremia patients to the latest breakthrough - new combine tra

Uremia patients to the latest breakthrough - new combine traditional Chinese and western medicine therapy 

Tongshantang kidney disease hospital after many years of clinical practice, successfully developed the unique therapy in the treatment of uremia: series of traditional Chinese medicine formula combined treatment with Chinese medicine osmosis therapy. 

With the continuous development of science and technology, Beijing Tongshantang kidney disease hospital, all the researchers in mining the motherland medicine treasure has made significant achievements. In numerous clinical studies results concluded that today's uremia treatment does not suit the reality is not drugs, but drug be disease. For the discovery, the researchers used advanced technology, from the traditional Chinese medicine formula by unique processing technology, making full use of the active ingredients of traditional Chinese medicine (TCM). 

Many clinical research results confirmed that the amount of Beijing Tongshantang kidney disease hospital, the new features of original therapy to control and dissolve the fibrosis of the kidney cells have a significant effect. One is: make the patients get effective control, the second is: successful treatment for many patients with uremia. 

Traditional Chinese medicine prescriptions series with characteristic therapy in the treatment of uremia features: 

A, inhibiting renal fibrosis process, prevent renal function continues to deteriorate; 

2, activate the damaged cells in the kidney, protection of residual renal units; 

Three, renal function recovery delay its failure, a complete solution of recurrent. 

Series of traditional Chinese medicine prescriptions by regulating immune function, repair glomerular basement membrane. Therapy with Chinese medicine osmosis characteristics, active ingredients of drugs through the acupuncture point diffusion to the patients with kidney, to invigorate the circulation of t2dm, remove blood stasis removing, repair the new born as the way, to dredge the kidney, activation of renal function for the purpose. Chinese medicine osmosis therapy characteristic therapy can promote and improve the already shrinking necrosis of renal microcirculation, accelerate the metabolism of lesions in the kidney, to give full play to the role of effective components from the drugs, repair the damaged glomerular, increased glomerular heavy absorption, the restoration of normal kidney function, so that the creatinine and urea nitrogen drop to normal. 

Traditional Chinese medicine osmosis therapy characteristic principle for the treatment of uremia 

(a) living kidney, t2dm process: 

Chinese medicine osmosis therapy characteristic is the motherland medicine "fire moxibustion medicine" as the foundation, make the drug's active ingredients penetrate spread to kidney patients, accelerate the blood circulation, by expanding week of renal blood vessels, WenTong kidney meridian, improve renal blood circulation, strengthen metabolism, promote the absorption of pathological product, thus up to reduce the creatinine, promote toxin exclusion, activate the nephron, restore the function of kidney. New combine traditional Chinese and western medicine therapy can dilate renal artery and gastrointestinal artery, increasing blood flow perfusion of kidney and body; Improve microcirculation, increase oxygen supply, enhance the metabolism; Ease the internal environment of the state of disorder caused by the oxygen; Alleviate the symptoms. 

Kidney renal artery expansion at all levels, thus increasing the glomerular perfusion amount, reduced the glomerulus internal pressure, at the same time, it reduces the high of glomerular filtration. Will eventually slow down and control the progress of glomerular sclerosis. After peripheral vascular expansion, due to increased blood circulation to effective, it must can improve the skin state, and the micro circulation barrier, slowly poisoning symptoms caused by kidney failure. The digestive tract after vascular expansion, increased the blood perfusion of the digestive tract, improve the microcirculation of alimentary canal caused by renal failure, at this time the digestive tract mucosal swelling began to fade, digestive juices begin to secrete increased, bowel detoxification function. 

(2) the detoxification process: 

Through moxibustion, guidance, stimulate human body massage on the meridian acupoints, vital qi and eliminate pathogens, relaxes the muscles loose, tonifying qi and blood, adjust the viscera, the enhancement purpose to the human body disease-resistant ability. 

Features new after entering the human body can quickly arrive damaged kidney tissue, muscle fibroblasts and immune complex, and the damaged renal tissue, muscle, fibroblasts, and immune complex closer integration, integration, release a series of effective ingredient, the pathological changes of kidney tissue and immune complex attacks, deterioration in kidney tissue and muscle fibroblasts. Traditional Chinese medicine active substance can also activate a series of degradation enzyme, degradation of kidney tissue and immune complex blocking worsening renal function. 

(3) repair, the new process: 

TCM herbal penetration therapy characteristic therapy can activate the damaged kidney cells metabolism, improve the internal environment of disorder in patients with renal failure and lack of oxygen, create a good internal environment for repair, supply of essential materials repair kidney: vitamins, trace elements, amino acids and protein, repair glomerular basement membrane, restore glomerular filtration function. The repair process often suffer kidney disease extent and the impact of kidney internal and external environment condition, at the same time will be restricted by residual nephron number, therefore, the repair process also is a long process, only by insisting on the treatment of persistent, and strict attention to from the susceptible factors of interference, residual kidney function will soon be repaired. Traditional Chinese medicine active substance in the repair and reconstruction of kidney function not only can supply necessary material needed for the repair, but also can improve the damaged kidneys, both inside and outside environment, create good environment for the repair condition. Only kidney structure after repair, to rebuild and restore kidney function, clinical symptoms can be eliminated. The repaired and kidney tissue with strong disease resistance, once the repair in place will no longer be attacked, the later will not be repeated. 

The birth of pure Chinese medicine osmosis therapy, broke the uremic dialysis and kidney transplant to maintain life only, created the miracle of human medical history, make hundreds of millions of uremia patients treated. Clinical practice has proved, for all kinds of kidney disease caused by uremia serum creatinine under 1300 umol/L, as long as 24 hours urine volume in 1200 ml above, dialysis is not more than ten times, the infiltration of Chinese medicine treatment with Chinese medicine series prescription treatment can completely cure uremia, it can make patient restore health, and the treatment in the second and the third international academic conference, Chinese and western medicine combined with kidney disease are more than 3000 kidney disease at home and abroad, experts spoke highly of the vice chairman of the standing committee of the National People's Congress Wu Jieping academician of Chinese medicine treatment of kidney disease to the highly acclaimed. 

Through the above explanation, I believe you already know how to treat uremia effect is good, suggest you, the doctor of traditional Chinese medicine treatment is currently the most effective treatment of uremia method, is also the most save money. 

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