How long can one live with a kidney? How can it influences o

How long can one live with a kidney? How can it influences o

Everyone has two kidneys, but in terms of medicinal one kidney can maintain a healthy life. So how long can a kidney live, does one kidney have the impact on health?

There is a kidney can maintain renal excretion of an inpidual and the secretion function, only need to be especially careful to protect the rest kidney, if the only remaining a renal protection is not good, the damage one won't have another normal kidney, and therefore need routine and renal ultrasound. Regularly check the urinary function to enhance physical fitness, avoiding the use of drugs of kidney damage.

So, remove a kidney, we should pay special attention to the protection of another kidney, as far as possible to avoid damage to the renal drug use, usually have to drink more water, pay attention to personal hygiene, prevention of urinary tract infection. As long as the function of the remaining kidney is normal, it does not cause a change in life.

Kidney transplant risks, which are suitable to do the transplant surgery?

Renal transplantation is a high risk surgery compared to other operations. Patients with kidney failure because the body of the system may have damage and dysfunction, so not all patients with kidney failure can do kidney transplantation, renal transplantation clinical doctors said this is a general indication:

Although there is virtually no age limit for kidney transplantation, the recipient's age affects the outcome of the kidney transplant, which is currently available for kidney transplantation from a few months to more than and 80 years of age. The general age in 13-60 years, if good physical condition, can be appropriately relaxed; but older than 55 years old increased recipient operation complications, the risk increases; less than 13 years of age less than 4 years old especially by the difficulty of operation of renal transplantation was significantly increased, the success rate of operation shadow ring and the effect of.

Dialysis treatment of uremic patients with good physical condition can be performed renal transplantation. However, in some of the disease after kidney transplantation prone to complications should be cautious. The variety of primary or secondary kidney disease such as nephritis, interstitial nephritis, nephritis, hereditary polycystic kidney disease, diabetic nephropathy, hypertensive nephropathy, renal damage caused by drugs, such as lupus nephritis were feasible in renal transplantation.

For liver dysfunction, ulcer disease, pulmonary infection, urinary tract infection, tuberculosis, heart failure, pericardial effusion, etc. must be cured before kidney transplantation.

For patients with hepatitis B and C virus infection need to be treated, liver function is normal after a month of renal transplantation is good. In the short term after interferon therapy, renal transplantation.

Kidney transplant conditions

1, the physical condition in kidney transplant surgery, after hospital professional inspection to determine whether you can do the transplant surgery, such as gene determination, blood typing, leukocyte typing, mixed lymphocyte culture, renal angiography.

2, the economic situation: you must have sufficient economic strength. Because regardless of surgery, kidney all need a high cost, and postoperative recovery of the treatment cost is a cost.


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