can kidney transplant cure Kidney disease?

can kidney transplant cure Kidney disease?

Myth.Hormones can cure the disease

Many patients at the beginning of the onset of feeling tired, legs heavy, after get up in the morning, puffiness, like "fat", to go to the hospital inspection, found with protein or occult blood in urine, has been identified for this disease.

Conventional treatment of this disease, often using oral hormones, tripterygium wilfordii, cyclophosphamide and other drugs to control the urinary protein and occult blood.Treatment effect is obvious at first, the indicators better soon, disappear, but encounter cold, tired and attacks.Then, began using hormones, so repeatedly, each time is aggravating, gradually appear the symptom of renal insufficiency such as nausea and vomiting.

Reason is very simple, actually in the urine protein and occult blood is due to the glomerular basement membrane suffered serious damage, simply use some controlled drugs, look from the index of urinary protein and occult blood temporarily disappeared, is not the same as the disease cured, these hormone drugs have significant side effects, take temporary solution not effect a permanent cure, the index fell today tomorrow will rise again.

Erroneous zone 2.Toxic side effects of drugs and detoxification detoxification medicines

TCM has 18 against the nineteenth fear, is refers to the mutual compatibility taboo of drugs, western medicine also have compatibility taboo, many chemical medicine cannot be used at the same time.However in the clinical treatment often lower immunity of the hormones, tripterygium wilfordii, cyclophosphamide and enhance immunity of astragalus membranaceus injection, liquid gold treasure, xianggu mushroom polysaccharide injection, placenta pieces and share.

A result in a waste of money, and lead to disease painless, lingering illness repeatedly.We there is no denying the fact that hormones to control the urine protein in the acute phase of good result again, but time can't more than 3 months.Try not to use hormone in patients with chronic kidney disease.

Myth 3.Unable to get rid of dialysis

Western medicine thinks, if started hemodialysis uremic patients, if you want to get rid of it is not possible, but this is not the case.Because everyone is not the same as the primary disease, the cause of occurrence uremia and inducement is not exactly the same.If we can take effective way to treat the primary disease remove incentives, get rid of the hemodialysis is possible.

Many patients before hemodialysis, more is long-term stability condition, serum creatinine, urine nitrogen is relatively stable, not to the point of necessity of dialysis, the remaining part of renal function is still very considerable, but often due to cold, fever, pulmonary infection, diarrhea, enteritis, urinary infection, poor control of high blood pressure, trauma or dispute with others, emotion or work fatigue was not pay attention to rest, and so on and so forth, leads to the deterioration of the disease occurred and dialysis.For this kind of situation, such as can take "kidney area of traditional Chinese medicine iontophoresis" to solve the primary disease, dialysis patients long interval of time, finally get rid of dialysis is possible.

If you don't take the opportunity to quickly correct treatment, nephron massive necrosis, eventually irreversible, only rely on dialysis.Dialysis huge costs and discomfort, be difficult to bear the burden of the disease patients and family.

Myth.Kidney transplant is the best solution

In recent years, the media businessman such as organ transplant the sad story of propaganda, make many people listen to uremia is associated with kidney transplant.In fact, few people can fortunately kidney transplant success, because the kidney is too little, if not immediate family members to provide, in accordance with the law of our country, and watched for an opportunity to body kidney can match again too little.And not every transplant successfully, one thousand failure, dialysis patients will continue to accept treatment, even face a kidney transplant.

There are some disease is kidney transplant is not recommended, as some patients with chronic hepatitis or liver function is normal, have active nephritis, peptic ulcers, urinary tract infection and associated with lower urinary tract obstruction, are not recommended for renal transplantation.


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can kidney transplant cure Kidney disease?

can kidney transplant cure Kidney disease?

Myth.Hormones can cure the disease Many patients at ...


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