The causes of high blood pressure?How to prevent?

The causes of high blood pressure?How to prevent?

Now more and more the number of both hypertension and diabetes, high blood pressure patients once appear, the condition of sudden high blood pressure, it is easy to cause serious consequences, so high blood pressure how did it happen?On the diet and should pay attention to what?

Age and gender

The incidence of hypertension increased with the increase of age.According to the domestic data, under the age of 40, the incidence of 3.4% on average, 40 ~ 10.2%, 49, 50 ~ 59 to 17.2%, more than 60 to 24.1%.Hypertension prevalence rate of 6.96% in men and 6.96% for women, women than men.

In general, before the age of 35 male prevalence rate slightly higher than the female, after the age of 35 women more than men, this may be related to pregnancy associated with hormonal changes of menopause women.

Nature of the work

Different professional personnel, the incidence of hypertension have very big difference.Relevant data show that 7.78% incidence of mental labor is given priority to, manual workers was 4.68%, and the high nervous tension and occupation, such as a driver, conductor, the hypertension prevalence rate is as high as 11.3%.

Obese or overweight

Studies have shown that obese people suffering from hypertension chance 2 ~ 4 times higher than normal, lose weight often with blood pressure drop.If the weight more than standard weight 15%, should consider to lose weight.

History of high blood pressure or

Women's history of hypertension or high blood pressure patients always.According to domestic reports, some statistical pregnancy-induced hypertension history for 172 out of 440, the incidence was 39.06%.

Diet, hobby,

Relevant data show that the nature of the diet and the incidence of hypertension.Eating more meat, its incidence is higher, such as 48 people do not eat meat, I eat meat, 458 people, 556 people often eat meat, the in total number of disease accounted for 4.6%, 43.5%, 52.9%.And hobbies such as drinking, smoking and high blood pressure disease incidence around the relationship between the report is not consistent.

So in daily life diet need to pay attention to what?Mainly from the carbohydrate, protein, fat, vitamins and minerals to analyze!The next, for most people, kidney disease patients must keep in mind that oneself can't eat what food."


Appropriate - rice, porridge, noodles, noodles, kudzu powder soup, taro, soft beans.

Should avoid - yams (produce gas food), dry beans, cookies and strong taste.


Appropriate - less fat food, tender meat, cattle, pigs, lean meat, white fish), eggs, milk and milk products (cream, yoghourt, ice cream, cheese), soy products (bean curd, natto, bean flour, oil, tofu, vegetables silk tofu).

Should avoid - fat more food (cattle, pigs, pork belly, chops, whale meat, herring, eel, tuna, etc.), processed products (sausage, etc.).


Appropriate, vegetable oil, a small amount of cream, salad dressing.

Should avoid is fat, pig oil, bacon, oily be soiled, sardines.

Vitamins and minerals

Right -- vegetables, spinach, cabbage, carrot, tomato, lily root, squash, eggplant, cucumber and other less fiber), fruit (apple, peach, orange, pears, grapes, watermelon, banana, etc.), algae, fungi, fruit, vegetables, raw produce gas, you have a soft boiled or make a paste.

Should avoid hard vegetables, fiber (cattle, bamboo shoots, corn), excitant strong vegetables (spicy vegetables, such as mustard, onion).

In addition, the high blood pressure also avoid eating cattle pulp pulp, dog, sheep, fat pork, chicken, which avoid to eat the cock head, wings, claws), duck eggs, pepper, ginseng, egg yolk, the animal's brain, liver, kidney, and high in fat, high cholesterol, fat food, also avoid eating white wine, preserved pickle, cigarettes, chili, etc.


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