Traditional therapy of traditional Chinese medicine -- umbil

Traditional therapy of traditional Chinese medicine -- umbil

Navel in the middle of the abdomen, and is an important meridian of the human body, have very close relationship with main and collateral channels, in traditional Chinese medicine known as the root of the twelve meridians, the door of the breathing;CV 8 cave navel center, is an important points of the ren meridian, ren meridian is by the sea, thus stimulate the acupuncture point of insides with a regulation), and because of navel thin skin, nerves and blood vessels is rich, have strong ability of absorption and conduction.



Characteristics and action is umbilical therapy treatment?

In our hospital umbilical therapy is not only in navel is applied to the plantar yongquan point, but in very different time and effect.

Umbilical therapy - navel

Time: 20 minutes

Parts: CV 8 point, moisture, huang shu, pivot.

Principle: the skin around the navel is weak, rich in arteriovenous, nerve enrichment;Drug absorption is fast, strong penetration, high sensitivity, etc. It is the foundation of the birth of traditional Chinese medicine, by us to you, by du with two veins connected to the kidney.Umbilical therapy to treat kidney disease has advantaged advantage.

Belly button is a special organization structure, concave umbilical fossa, suitable for medicine.Navel thinning skin, has the rich, lymphatic arteriovenous net.

Umbilical therapy: through the role of the damp and hot moxa roll, make drugs better play out, penetrate through the skin, can act as a wet solid kidney Yang, qi and blood tonic effect.

Umbilical therapy - a foot

Time: 10 minutes

Location: yongquan cave

Plantar yongquan point is human body acupuncture point, but by the first point, also is the starting point, dredge meridian, wet the role of the kidney, blood and qi.

According to the clinical practice, found that high for double leg edema, urinary protein, frail, ascites or chest condition and loss of appetite has very good curative effect.

Warm prompt:

Have serious cardiovascular disease (CVD), physical special victims, in pregnancy and lactation women, and allergic skin, especially abdominal skin inflammation, damage and decay are not suitable for umbilical therapy.In addition, also note any history of drug allergy, avoid allergies in medicine.

Pay special attention to keep warm.Treatment don't in outdoor, or let navel on tuyere.Maintain indoor warm, appropriate cover coat.Especially the frail patients, diarrhea, colds, more should pay attention to keep warm, the elderly and children.

If need local heating in encountered in the operation, such as moxibustion, at this time to give special attention to the color change and the surface temperature of the skin, avoid high temperature cause burns.Give children especially careful when shi jiu, infantile skin and tender, and in the process of treatment is also difficult to maintain a posture for a long time, so it is easier to burn, need to be careful.

Once you have allergic phenomenon, immediately stop drug.Light person can fade, if produce skin blisters, with sterile needle prick, outside cha crystal violet.


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