Characteristics of traditional Chinese medicine treatment

Characteristics of traditional Chinese medicine treatment

Characteristics of traditional Chinese medicine treatment 

Characteristics of traditional Chinese medicine treatment of hemolytic anemia 

Hemolytic anemia is refers to the red blood cell destruction accelerated, more than bone marrow hematopoietic function of compensatory ability of anemia. Because the red cell membrane of hemolytic anemia caused by congenital abnormalities, including hereditary disease of grow in quantity of spherical red blood cells, such as hereditary disease of grow in quantity of oval erythrocytes: since red blood cells enzyme caused by abnormal hemolytic anemia, including the lack of glucose 6 - phosphate dehydrogenase, pyruvate kinase deficiency, such as: because globin synthesis anomaly caused by hemolytic anemia, including abnormal hemoglobin and maritime anemia. The hemolytic anemia is genetic, is uncommon clinically. Non-genetic hemolytic anemia include, paroxysmal sleep hemoglobinuria, autoimmune hemolytic anemia, mechanical hemolytic anemia, etc. 

This paper has pointed out the following three kinds of disease: 

1) paroxysmal sleep hemoglobinuria: 

(2) maritime anemia: 

(3) autoimmune hemolytic anemia. 

Paroxysmal sleep hemoglobinuria is acquired the membrane of deficiency caused by chronic intravascular hemolytic disease, often during sleep, but with hemoglobinuria seizures and whole blood cells reduce disease. Belong to the traditional Chinese medicine "blood deficiency" and "consumptive", "jaundice" category. 

TCM holds that: 

Are: (1) the hot and humid feeling hot and humid invaded, or ferrite deficiency, spleen and stomach weak, transport disorder, hot and humid endogenous, damp and hot steam, injury and blood caused by blood loss, damp and hot accumulate in the liver, liver pathogenesis, wet and heat loss of blood with outside bile YiFa for jaundice. 

(2) the deficiency and blood stasis, long illness and qi and blood, spleen and kidney deficiency, blood biochemical spent sources, causing two kui qi and blood, qi deficiency, blood transportation weakness, blood line acerbity and stasis, late will cause such as pain qi deficiency blood stasis appears yellow. 

(3) the spleen kidney empty, occupies an important position in the incidence of the disease, congenital renal insufficiency, acquired taste loss of health, lack of qi and blood biochemical, eventually to jing jiu qi, anemia, fatigue, dizziness, palpitation. 

Until now think of pathogenic factors may have chemicals, radioactive or virus infection such as damage to bone marrow, cause chromosomal mutation, abnormal stem cell lines, abnormal red blood cells created through cloning, neutrophils and platelets are common defects. 

For patients with a comfortable, quiet environment, the fresh air, encourage patients self nursing, keep the room clean, disinfected regularly in order to avoid cross infection, especially the upper respiratory tract infection, avoid excessive overworked or stressed, avoid drug abuse. 

Dr Our expert group pioneered "not hormone chemotherapy of transfusion - hemolytic anemia" of "the immune balance therapy" for an evidence-based medicine hemolytic anemia and according to the different situation of patients taking parting differentiation: 

1, hot and humid intrinsic type; 

Type 2, weak spleen and stomach, deficiency of qi and blood; 

3, spleen kidney Yang deficiency type; 

4, pixu (spleen deficient), blood loss, the factors of wet muddy resistance type; 

Our expert Dr After 30 years of clinical and scientific research, exploration, invented the "not blood transfusion, the chemotherapy, hormone, gene drug, treatment of hemolytic anemia," the "comprehensive immune balance quadruple therapy" puts forward the three by the stagnation of the kidney, spleen, bone marrow advanced theory, using genetic techniques to extract the features of traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) to change blood disease pathogenesis, the inside of the removal of blood cells of toxins, through "detoxification in pulp method", "remove stasis gave birth to the new law" and "nourishing liver and kidney method" to repair the damage of bone marrow hematopoietic stem cells, improve the hematopoietic microenvironment, prevent abnormal blood hematopoietic stem cell proliferation differentiation component gene mutations and immature cells malignant clones, further development and to control the disease or cure thoroughly the purpose of all kinds of blood. 

Treatment concentrates on spleen and kidney, qi and blood, removing damp and hot, use our independently developed by the national patent medicines "tortoise deer blood tonic capsule" spleen and kidney, beneficial blood, supplemented by heat lishi, activate blood, nourish Yin cold blood syndromes. Acute phase on exorcism, clear the hot and humid; Chronic deficiency, spleen and kidney, complementing the source of qi and blood biochemical; Factors are appropriate exorcism and tonify deficiency and shi, smooth in the use of western medicine hormone and immune inhibitors from p, significantly reduce the side effect of western medicine curative effect significantly, greatly improved the traditional Chinese medicine treatment to the patient's immune function returned to normal, RBC rise rapidly, hemoglobin returned to normal, clinical effective rate of 90% above, general medicine is 20 days or so to the rise in blood picture, anemia symptoms improved, one to two treatment can alleviate or cure basic cycles of various diseases of the blood 

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