Drinking Chinese medicine is a knowledge

Drinking Chinese medicine is a knowledge

Now more and more people began to trust Chinese medicine, physical conditioning and prevention of diseases by traditional Chinese medicine, although the doctor will give the patient to note and drink medicine time, but there will still be a lot of people often disorderly eating chaos drink by their experience, now let me tell you the best time to drink Chinese traditional medicine.

The best time to drink Chinese traditional medicine

Before meals

Generally take 30 to 60 minutes before meals. Disease in the next, should be taken before meals, so that easy to release medicinal properties, such as liver kidney damage or disease below the waist. Treatment of gastrointestinal diseases, should also be in medication before meals, because in gas state, liquid medicine can direct contact with the digestive tract mucosa, passed into the stomach quickly, and thus more absorbed and play a role, not affected by dilution of food in the stomach and affect the efficacy.

After meals

Generally take 15 to 30 minutes after meals. Disease on the upper, should take medicine after meals. Such as the treatment of disease of heart and lung or chest and diaphragm, stomach, after meals, can make up resistance. It can reduce gastrointestinal mucosal damage after meals for gastrointestinal stimulating drugs. Toxic drugs, should also be taken after meals, to avoid side effects due to absorption too fast.

Meal room service

Take medicine between two meals, this can avoid the effect that food with medicaments, takes the medicaments that appropriate meal is to treat disease of spleen and stomach.


Generally take 15 to 30 minutes before going to bed. Drug heart spleen, sedative, tranquilizing the mind, and stagnation, chest disease, after taking appropriate supine; head, mouth, ear disease, medication should go to the pillow and lie; there are about two rib disease, after taking the drug selection should be according to the lifting effect of position, such as drug development that should choose healthy side, such as property settlement, should choose from the side.


Mainly refers to the helminthogogue, take 1 times before bedtime, the morning of the second day of fasting and then take 1 times, in order to kill the insects from in vitro. It is worth noting that the acute illness should not take medicine as soon as possible or time service frequency (once every 1-2 hours), chronic disease is to take medicine on time. In short, the time to take traditional Chinese medicine should be based on the nature of the disease and the drug. To give full play to drug prevention, treatment, reduce adverse reactions as the principle.

Matters needing attention

1, about an hour before and after drinking Chinese traditional medicine is best not to drink tea, coffee, milk or Soybean Milk, lest components of traditional Chinese medicine and tea tannin and protein, caffeine and other chemical reactions, curative effect. Can drink.

2 if have discomfort or diarrhea phenomenon after taking the medicine , please contact us, please stop taking the medicine cold cough.

3, if you feel more bitter taste, you can add some sugar and then take!









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