Three kidney clear poison

Three kidney clear poison

Three kidney detoxification theory is through the use of traditional Chinese medicine hot compress, foot bath, Mai Kang, oral Chinese medicine four kinds of treatment methods as a basic treatment combined with other special measures for kidney disease treatment effect on human three renal, excited acquired function, make the meridians unobstructed, Ying Wei solid density, the balance of yin and Yang, recovering Qi and blood purification ability, remove blood pollution, a method of treatment achieve the purpose of Naoduqing renal complex.

The so-called Yin Pingyang Peru, spirit.

What is the three kidney

First kidney - double kidney;

Second kidney - feet;

Third kidney - skin.

Three kidney theory is produced from the body's detoxification system.

[modern principle ]

First of all, the main detoxification pathways of human is sweat and urine, so the kidney through urination to discharge toxification, and skin through sweating detoxification, with kidney detoxification function. Therefore, the kidney is the first kidney of the human body, the skin is the body's third kidney.

Secondly, no matter sweat or urine, are related to the effective circulating volume, effective circulating volume sufficient to sweat and urine. The effective circulation is related to the amount of blood vessels in the body's capacity to return to the blood vessels. Mutual adjustment to realize this process by renal renin angiotensin aldosterone system and nervous system, and through the warm or stimulate feet acupoint can enhance the function of the kidney, the effective blood circulation volume increased, skin sweat increased, kidney urine volume increased. So double foot is the body's second kidneys.

There is a variety of body toxins are often deposited in the capacity of the blood in (we are testing venous blood pumping), the amount of blood vessels in the human body in what capacity cycle, determine human toxin clearing efficiency. Participate in the effective circulation of the volume of blood, the body's detoxification efficiency is high, to participate in the effective circulation of the blood volume is small, the human body toxin removal efficiency is low. It will lead to the blood stasis and dampness, phlegm heat and toxin.


1, anti-inflammatory drugs do not use

"Three kidney detoxification therapy" is a non confrontational therapy". The traditional Chinese medicine and Western medicine for kidney disease, if patients with inflammatory diseases, the treatment is focused on eliminating kidney foci of inflammation, that the use of some drugs can eliminate inflammation, eliminate inflammation of renal region. This approach to treatment is the basic idea of current conventional therapies.

The uniqueness of "three kidney detoxification therapy" is not the use of anti-inflammatory drugs in the treatment process. The use of traditional Chinese medicine to clean up or neutralize the toxins of the blood of the unique Chinese medicine, will accumulate in the human blood, can cause damage to the inherent cellular damage to the toxins removed. We believe that: as long as there is no damage to the body's inherent cells in the blood of the toxins, the body's self-healing ability, it will naturally cause inflammation of the kidney lesions and tumors to disappear or not.

2, does not treat the kidney and clear blood

Not from the treatment of kidney disease itself, not from anti-inflammatory, but according to the pathogenesis of kidney disease, from the treatment of blood pollution, from the source to solve the problem. If you do not fully clear the poison, but only the treatment of the kidney, there will be one side of governance, bad governance, fast, bad fast, and even the rule is not to catch up with the bad fast. At the same time in the process of detoxification, improve the blood oxygen content and the quality of the blood, and effectively improve the renal ischemia, hypoxia, to solve the problem of ischemia and hypoxia of the source. So, the treatment of blood pollution, is a fundamental solution to the cause of kidney disease, the etiology has been removed, clinical symptoms will disappear automatically, coupled with the use of Chinese medicine treatment method for the patients to go to the root, to find a safe, cure, no relapse, and is well the test of cure.


1, the sooner the use of clear blood, the faster the recovery time, the greater the chance of recovery;

2, for uremic patients, then use clear blood therapy, although the cure is not likely, but through clear blood therapy, can protect the survival cell function, so as not to damage, on the basis of this, the application of unique therapy, restore renal cell function, uremia and symptoms of the disease would alleviate. Even if it is not alleviated, it can greatly improve the quality of life through clear blood treatment.


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