What does sudden hematuria mean?

Sudden hematuria, people will be surprised, in fact, may not be all serious problems, because there are many reasons for hematuria, according to the situation of hematuria can be initially judged. In the case of males, hematuria precedes urination, blood is reduced or absent during or after urination, and this is a matter of considering the prostate and seminal vesicle at the forefront of the urethra, especially if it is often preceded by a lower abdomen , The two parts of the possibility of inflammation on the big, but the two parts of the inflammation episodes, and alcohol consumption, eating spicy has a direct relationship.

What does sudden hematuria mean?

If there is blood in the middle of urination, urine itself is red, which is "gross hematuria", if the age of 60 years of age, but not when the hematuria pain, which is to be especially vigilant "painless hematuria" , To be further checked to prevent bladder, kidney cancer. On the contrary, if you are young, and after a sudden activity, hematuria, and abdominal cramps, this time to consider may be stone, because the movement of the card in the ureter and other parts caused pain, so remember that on the elderly " Painless hematuria "is to be highly vigilant.

As for urinary hematuria, there is even a lot of blood clots. In fact, it does not matter to the severity of the disease. A blood clot shows that bleeding has taken a long time to coagulate, but it is not necessarily a fatal disease. Sometimes even though the color of urine is not visible , Only found in laboratory urine red blood cells, if elderly men have to be vigilant, many urinary tract cancer is found in such a short time hematuria.

Some women are tired during the day and suddenly have hematuria at night, and their urination is frequent and painful. This does not need to be tense. It is usually caused by urinary system infections. This is common in women and 80% of women have had such an experience in their lifetimes Men do not show up. For the treatment of urinary tract infection is to identify bacteria after antibiotics, even if the symptoms disappear, but usually enough for a week to cure.

Read the above introduction, I hope can help you, if you have any questions about kidney disease need to understand in detail, you can consult our online experts, our experts will reply you as soon as possible.

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