Good recovery after transplantation, why is blood pressure s

At present, the patient's hypertension is determined by the blood pressure measured by the hospital. However, many factors may affect these blood pressure values, which may not necessarily reflect the patient's blood pressure. Studies have confirmed that dynamic blood pressure monitoring can better reflect the true blood pressure situation, and therefore it is recommended that all kidney transplant patients should measure and monitor blood pressure at home, multiple times, and at the same time.

Good recovery after transplantation, why is blood pressure still high?

Causes of hypertension after transplantation:

The reason for the provider and the recipient itself. The donor’s older age, suffering from high blood pressure, and poor kidney quality can cause increased glomerular tension in the transplanted kidney and even glomerular hypertrophy, leading to postoperative hypertension; long-term hypertension leading to arteriosclerosis in recipients prior to transplantation , can affect the progress of postoperative hypertension; recipients of older, obesity, adrenal tumors, etc., can also lead to the emergence of hypertension.

Kidney rejection and recurrence of kidney disease. Acute rejection: It stimulates the renin-angiotensin system, causing release of renin and vasoconstrictor substances, leading to the development of hypertension. Chronic kidney injury (including chronic rejection, graft renal interstitial fibrosis/tubular atrophy). Kidney disease relapses in the transplanted kidney and new kidney disease in the transplanted kidney.

Immunosuppressive drugs.Glucocorticoid: can cause water sodium retention, and then raise blood pressure.A: by ring spore can cause renal blood vessels, especially the goal small artery contraction, increase the renal vascular resistance, at the same time can increase the sensitivity of the renal blood vessels to sodium, activate the activity of the sympathetic nerve, causing blood pressure to rise.The high blood pressure caused by tacrolimus is positively correlated with the dosage of tacrolimus, and the specific mechanism is not clear.

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