Side effects of hormones in patients with kidney disease

Hormones are not unfamiliar to most patients with kidney disease. When it comes to urinary protein, especially large amounts of urine protein, the hormone is the drug of choice for most patients.

After taking hormones, there will be some changes in the body of patients with kidney disease and need to be prevented as soon as possible.

Side effects of hormones in patients with kidney disease

Changes in appearance: This is the one that shows the most clearly in the use of hormones. Large doses of hormones will cause fat redistribution, resulting in fat accumulation. Side effects are full moon face, buffalo back, legs are thin but the body is fat.

Increased appetite: But we need to refrain ourselves from controlling dietary intake and eating small meals. Diet should be light and less salt, reduce high sugar, high fat foods.

Decreased immunity: eating hormones will make people less resistant. Weak resistance makes it easy to catch a cold. A cold can easily cause recurrence of kidney disease.

Gastrointestinal Mucosal Hemorrhage: Taking hormones can damage the gastric mucosa, cause gastritis or gastric ulcer, and cause damage to the entire digestive system.

Osteoporosis: After the hormone is used, the femoral calcium can be released, resulting in osteoporosis. This is one of the common side effects. Patients with severe side effects may have sequelae such as bone necrosis.

Excitement of the brain: Many patients with kidney disease are highly excited after taking hormones, and sometimes suffer from insomnia.

Hormone treatment of kidney disease in the past there will be too many side effects of health, but also easy to make kidney disease relapse. So in daily life, how to reduce the harm of hormones?

To prevent excessive fatigue: For patients with stable disease in the kidney, they should be encouraged to go out more activities, is conducive to the prevention of high blood side effects of hormones and osteoporosis complications. However, it must be remembered that activities should not be excessive so as to avoid kidney problems caused by fatigue.

Preventing respiratory tract infections: Upper respiratory tract infections are a common disease and also a major cause of interruption of hormone therapy and recurrence of kidney disease. Therefore, attention should be paid to the prevention of upper respiratory tract infections.

Prevention of skin and oral infections: Because the use of hormones can make the body's resistance and immunity down, so when the skin is damaged or the mouth is dirty, the patient is susceptible to infection.

Hormone treatment of kidney disease in the short term, although it will have an effect, but will bring great side effects to patients, nephropathy doctors recommend not to use a single hormone therapy, this will not only make patients dependent on hormones, but also increase the burden on the kidneys, Accelerate the arrival of kidney failure.

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