Why do more and more people have tumors?

In the formation of tumors, people are most concerned about the external causes of tumor, but more and more facts tell us that internal causes are also important. At present, genetic, nutritional and endocrine disorders, cellular immunodeficiency and long-term over-stress reactions such as mental stress and other unpleasant stimuli have been proven to lead to a variety of disorders of normal regulatory mechanisms, in addition, the effect of long-term external cause, cell changes, the initial performance is difficult to cure the inflammatory response, proliferation or hypertrophy. Generally these "precancerous lesions" are reversible to some extent. However, if there has been a "malignant change," although it may have a certain stage, it is generally irreversible.

Why do more and more people have tumors?

We summarized the four principles of anti - cancer , and the first is to keep away from carcinogenic factors. There are many kinds of carcinogenic factors. Atomic bomb explosions, Chernobyl, and Fukushima's nuclear radiation can cause high cancer incidence. Very low doses of radiation can also cause harm to humans. Some people are sensitive to the lymphatic system and can cause lymphoma due to radiation. Women's thyroid glands are particularly sensitive to radiation. Even low-dose radiation can easily cause thyroid cancer.

In addition, many biological infections indirectly lead to cancer. Hepatitis B, Hepatitis C, and Hepatitis E can all cause cancer. Hepatitis B patients also have antigens, hepatitis in the body has not been completely eliminated in patients, should be promptly treated, otherwise easily transformed into cirrhosis, liver cancer.

Many people with AIDS do not die because of exhaustion, but because they die from concurrent cancer. In addition to hepatitis infection, HIV also indirectly induces tumors.

Environmental pollution, air pollution, etc. have caused an increase in the number of carcinogenic factors in the environment. At the same time, many cancer-promoting substances have also been added. The synergistic effect of smoking and atmospheric pollution has caused the incidence of lung cancer to be eight times higher than that of normal people. The incidence of lung cancer among those who regularly cook and love to smoke is 12 times higher than that of normal people. These additive factors together will promote each other and have synergies.

In cancer promoters, the biggest cancer-promoting factor is the decline in immune function. In organ transplant populations, cancer is 23 times higher than normal, excessive fatigue and excessive mental stimulation can lead to neuroendocrine disorders and decreased immune function.

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