What screening methods do cardiovascular patients need to do

The first is the detection of heart rhythms and heartbeats under static conditions. It is the most basic cardiac health check item.

What screening methods do cardiovascular patients need to do?

Also known as Holter electrocardiogram. Through the follow-up examination of the dynamic rhythm and heartbeat in different situations such as eating, homework, study and sleep, in order to fully examine the heart's working condition, as well as the fastest and slowest heart rate, determine whether the subject has premature beats and frequency. And other issues.

After an image inspection to determine the heart's work. Clinically, physicians often recommend people who are older than 30 years old and whose blood tests have bad reminders for cholesterol to do this test.

The patient is first examined for the presence of thrombus. Patients are usually required to perform these tests before surgery to diagnose the location of the thrombus attack.

The above are common methods for examining several cardiovascular diseases. Each test has different characteristics. Not all cardiovascular patients need to do the same test. Specific needs of clinicians to do further determination based on the patient's condition.

Who needs regular screening for cardiovascular disease?

1, 40-year-old men and postmenopausal women are the focus of testing.

2, family cerebrovascular disease, family history of peripheral atherosclerosis, family history of hyperlipidemia, diabetes.

3, there is no scientific long-term diet, hi of high sugar, high salt, high-fat diet, overeating, eating irregular, partial eclipse, etc., so that calorie intake than obese people.

4. Those with a history of metabolic diseases such as diabetes, gout, hypothyroidism, kidney disorders, and fatty liver.

5, life is not the law, like late to late to sleep, smoking and drinking, emotional sensibility, mental tension, work and life pressure, long working hours and less physical activity. These factors also make it easier for young men to develop premature cardiovascular disease.

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