Why are some patients with more severe symptoms, the better

Speaking of kidney disease, many kidney friends sighed loudly: Hey, the disease has no symptoms at all, I usually have a good person, it is a bit low back pain, fatigue, but the results to the hospital for a check, kidney failure, ready to dialysis. I thought the doctor lied to me. It took a long time to accept this fact. Patients with mild symptoms are likely to have no treatment opportunities.

Why are some patients with more severe symptoms, the better the treatment effect?

For nephropathy, the most obvious symptoms are proteinuria, hematuria and edema. Others are not obvious. Proteinuria is a layer of foam floating in the urine, which is small and rich and long-lasting. It is completely different from the fast foam of big bubbles scattered by the impact.

Hematuria, this will be more obvious than proteinuria, after all, urine is red, everyone knows this is a sign of illness. Sometimes the color of urine is not so obvious, it will become a meat wash.

Edema, common in eyelids, face, ankles, lower extremities, etc. This is the more obvious symptoms of kidney disease, and other things such as high blood pressure, I think a person with no disease will not always take blood pressure.

From the start, the symptoms were obvious, such as a lot of proteinuria, severe edema, these symptoms can not be ignored, like a warning bell to early treatment, so the prognosis will be better.

If you have no symptoms, you can't find it. If you find it is late, you miss the best treatment time and the prognosis is worse.

So if you have a lot of protein plus, edema is very serious, in addition to sighing kidney disease refractory, please be glad that it's just a lot of protein.

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