Exercise! What's the significance for patients with chronic

Life lies in exercise. Exercise can enhance heart and lung function and improve immunity. It is of great benefit to the general population. What are the benefits for patients with chronic nephropathy, how should nephrotic patients exercise correctly?

Exercise! What's the significance for patients with chronic nephropathy?

People with chronic kidney disease suffer from impaired kidneys, which can result in decreased muscle mass, poor physical activity, and weakened physical strength. If kidney function is poorly controlled and kidney fibrosis progresses faster, skeletal muscle dysfunction can lead to loss of functional independence, increased risk of complications, and death.

According to studies, it has been found that even mild exercise can help reduce the risk of death from chronic kidney disease, significantly reducing dialysis-dependent and traditional cardiovascular risk factors in non-dialysis patients. In addition, exercise can also improve muscle strength, cardiorespiratory fitness, physical function and quality of life in patients with chronic kidney disease.

For dialysis patients, a certain degree of exercise intervention, such as aerobic exercise, can improve the quality of life and health related quality of life.

Although there are no specific evidence-based guidelines for patients with kidney disease, there is a lot of evidence that exercise helps reduce mortality and helps kidney friends.

Patients with early kidney disease should be progressive, starting with mild, low frequency, then increased to 3 to 5 times / week. The intensity of exercise depends on the patient's tolerance to exercise.

For dialysis patients with kidney disease, at the time of non-dialysis, the arm where the vascular access is located can be properly activated to promote venous return and reduce the degree of swelling.

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