How to prevent the recurrence of renal cell carcinoma after

Postoperative recurrence of kidney cancer has always been the most worrying problem for patients with kidney cancer, so the problem for renal cancer patients and their families is how to prevent the recurrence of kidney cancer after surgery. To avoid the recurrence of kidney cancer, we must do a good job of postoperative care of kidney cancer.

How to prevent the recurrence of renal cell carcinoma after operation?

1, The food should be light and easy to digest: during the operation of a patient with renal cell carcinoma, the digestive system will be impaired. It is best to eat a fluid or semi-fluid diet, and eat more fresh vegetables and fruit juices, such as mushrooms, black fungus, asparagus, lemon, etc. Jujube and so on, can sterilize the vegetables and fruits and fruits to be squeezed into fruit juice, the fruits and vegetables contain sufficient vitamin C, is a tumor suppressor material, can interrupt the growth of cancer cells, eat it not only easy to digest but also nutritious. In the process of renal cancer care, it also helps to improve the patient's self-cancer ability.

2, pay attention to the prevention of colds: kidney cancer surgery will further damage the function, kidney cancer patients with decreased immunity, it is easy to cause a cold, so in the kidney cancer care should pay attention to the prevention of colds, if found fever, runny nose Symptoms must be treated immediately. Don't let the colds cause infections in other places again, which will affect the curative effect after surgery. Therefore, care must be taken in the care of kidney cancer. In cold or hot summer season, we must pay attention to the cold and warm work of patients with kidney cancer.

3, avoid alcohol and tobacco: relatives and friends of renal cancer patients can not smoke around patients, long-term smoking, drinking is the main cause of renal cancer, cigarettes and alcohol harmful substances have a very bad impact on renal function. If patients with renal cell carcinoma continue to smoke during the recovery period after surgery, the effect of the operation will be reduced and the possibility of thorough treatment will become very small. Even if they do not give up smoking and alcohol after thorough treatment, they will also be prone to relapse. This is the most important problem in the process of renal cancer care.

The above is the relevant information collected by experts, presumably we have a certain understanding of the above common sense it! If you have other kidney problems, you can browse other pages, and you can also leave us a message. Nephrology specialist from Tongshantang traditional Chinese Medicine Hospital will give you the most professional and most effective treatment methods or suggestions.

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