Tips on living habits after Kidney Transplantation!

Prohibition of smoking, alcohol: the incidence of lung cancer in smokers is high, this is because smoking has certain damage to the lungs, alcohol is mainly metabolized in the liver after drinking, and has different degrees of damage to liver function. Therefore, kidney transplant patients should avoid smoking and drinking.

Tips on living habits after Kidney Transplantation!

Diet and hygiene: after kidney transplantation, due to the high dose of immunosuppressant, the resistance to external germs is reduced. If you eat unclean, you will easily develop abdominal pain, diarrhea, severe cases may be accompanied by high fever, vomiting, resulting in a large amount of water loss, Causes dehydration, affects kidney function. Therefore, the patient should pay attention to the diet hygiene, eats as far as possible in the home. The cooked food that buys outside, must carry on the processing to eat, especially in the summer and autumn, eats the vegetable melon and fruit raw, must wash clean, Prevent illness from entering the mouth.

Less go to public places: kidney transplant patients have low immune resistance and are vulnerable to various pathogenic factors, especially in the epidemic season of influenza, meningitis and hepatitis, it is best not to go to public places, so as to avoid increasing the chance of infection.

Small wounds should be dealt with in time: even if there is a small wound in kidney transplant patients, attention should be paid to it. No matter it is skin scratch, scratch or skin furuncle, it should be dealt with in time. Skin furuncle, especially facial area, should be dealt with in time. Be careful not to squeeze easily, once the bacteria into the intracranial can cause intracranial infection.

Avoid excessive compression of the transplanted kidney: the transplanted kidney is placed in the iliac fossa, with a superficial surface, only skin, subcutaneous tissue and muscle layer. It lacks the cushioning effect of the renal fat sac and is vulnerable to contusion during external compression. We should strengthen the protection of this "key area" at ordinary times. When we go out for activities, whether we walk or ride, we should try our best to make sure that we have a steady and good car position, so as to avoid turning or braking when the vehicle is on a sharp brake. The site of the transplanted kidney collides with other objects and causes damage to the transplanted kidney.

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