Primary nephropathy is so different from secondary nephropat

The occurrence and development of nephrotic syndrome is related to the overwork of the patient, the mistreatment of chronic illness, deficiency of body and unclean diet, and so on. These causes make the lung, spleen and kidney function unbalance, and cause deficiency of viscera, qi, blood, yin and yang. Lead to metabolic disorders in the human body to form nephrotic syndrome.

Primary nephropathy is so different from secondary nephropathy!

Nephrotic syndrome is pided into secondary nephropathy and primary nephropathy, both also have a lot of proteinuria, highly swollen, hyperlipidemia and hypoproteinemia symptoms! 

Primary nephropathy, also called one-off nephropathy, is a disease caused by abnormalities in the organs of the kidney itself for some reason. Primary nephropathy includes: glomerulonephritis, nephrotic syndrome, IGA nephropathy, chronic interstitial nephritis, hereditary nephropathy. Pyelonephritis and so on. To put it simply, primary nephropathy is caused by internal problems in our kidneys, not by external causes.

Secondary nephropathy is the deterioration of renal function caused by diseases other than the kidney, known as "secondary nephropathy." it represents diabetic nephropathy caused by diabetes, renal sclerosis caused by hypertension, gout kidney caused by gout. Systemic lupus erythematosus caused lupus nephritis and other congenital hereditary "congenital single kidney" and "polyrenal cyst" and so on.

In terms of treatment, primary nephropathy is only symptomatic because the etiology is unclear, that is, the main purpose is to eliminate clinical symptoms such as urine protein, occult blood, edema, hypertension, etc., while secondary nephropathy, due to its relatively clear etiology, The focus of treatment is to eliminate secondary causes, followed by the elimination of urinary protein, occult blood, edema and other renal symptoms.

In terms of the difficulty of treatment, the cause of primary nephropathy is unknown, so the treatment only alleviates or suppresses the symptoms of nephropathy, and the real involvement in the repair of renal cells and the clearance of immune complexes is very little; and the treatment of secondary nephropathy is relatively simple. The difficulty lies in the control of secondary diseases.

The prognosis of primary nephropathy mainly depends on the time of treatment. The earlier the treatment, the lighter the degree of kidney damage, the better the prognosis and the less likely to recur. On the contrary, the prognosis of primary nephropathy is poor and easy to recur.

Although secondary nephropathy also depends on the time of treatment, the prognosis is relatively good, especially the early treatment, basically control the secondary etiology, and most of the renal injury will heal itself.

To sum up, because different types of nephropathy treatment focus and prognosis are different, the diagnosis of nephropathy is very important. Many cases which are not effective even in the early stage of nephropathy are mostly caused by unclear diagnosis.

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