How long will you be wrong about uric acid?

Hyperuricemia is not synonymous with gout, and about 10% of those with hyperuricemia develop gout. Gout is the pathological state in which uric acid crystals accumulate in the body's organs and can be characterized by recurrent arthritis. Kidney calculi and chronic kidney disease. There are many common misunderstandings about hyperuricemia and gout:

How long will you be wrong about uric acid?

High uric acid equals gout? Gout originates from hyperuricemia, but it does not necessarily have gout, which occurs only when the uric acid crystals in the blood deposit in the synovial membrane of the joint and cause inflammation of the synovium. Only about 10% of patients with high uric acid develop gout. Conversely, because of the complex causes of gout, many patients may still have normal levels of uric acid at the time of gout attack. Do not be superstitious at this time to test results and delay the timely treatment of gout.

High uric acid will only cause gout? Uric acid is the end product of purine metabolism in the human body. High uric acid is harmful to many tissues and organs of the human body. Excessive uric acid deposits in bones and joints, causing gout. Deposition in the kidney can cause kidney disease. Hyperuricemia also significantly increases the risk of multiple metabolic disorders (such as obesity, diabetes, hyperlipidemia, etc.) and cardiovascular disease.

Uric acid is high, do not gout do not treat? No matter how healthy a person is, as long as the uric acid exceeds a certain value, it should be treated with uric acid. If the person also has diabetes, chronic kidney disease, or risk factors for cardiovascular disease, So long as uric acid exceeds the above normal range, even if there is no gout attack, the treatment needs to be initiated.

Diet alone can reduce uric acid? 80% of uric acid in human blood comes from self-purine metabolism, and only 20% comes from food intake. Therefore, the effect of dietary control alone on reducing serum uric acid level is very limited (most can only decrease by 10% or 70μmol /L).

Many patients refuse to take drugs because they are worried about "side effects of drugs". In fact, as long as they use drugs scientifically and normatively, the risk of rare drug complications will not be very high.

Drugs alone are enough to reduce uric acid? For chronic metabolic diseases such as gout, the "low purine" diet is the prerequisite and basis for treatment. Drug doses have to be increased, which greatly increases the risk of adverse drug reactions.

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