People with these basic diseases are more likely to suffer k

The fear of uremia is not just because it means that your life is at stake, it's because you have to be prepared for endless dialysis, if the condition are better can accept kidney transplant therapy, and It also takes patience to wait for the right kidney to emerge.

People with these basic diseases are more likely to suffer kidney disease!

In fact, it is completely unnecessary, the risk of developing uremia is very low even if you have nephropathy, the detection rate of nephrotic uremia is only 1%. If we can understand in time the factors that may cause uremia, we should be prepared to prevent and intercept it. People with these underlying diseases are more likely to have kidney disease than healthy people, and be on the alert:

Diabetes: the main reason is the disorder of blood glucose metabolism in the body. The sustained high blood sugar level leads to a high sugar content in the urine, which can cause damage when filtered through the kidney, and continue to have poor blood glucose control. It doesn't mean that all diabetes can develop into uremia, and people with two conditions in particular should pay attention to: 1, diabetes for more than 10 years, and long-term blood pressure control instability.

Hypertension is also a metabolic disease that can damage the kidneys, increase blood pressure on blood vessels, and cause protein to leak out of the urine to form proteinuria. It can impair the filtration function of the kidney glomerulus. At the same time, the kidney damage will lead to the blood flow is not smooth, will aggravate the blood pressure rise, form the vicious circle. Usually the patient with hypertension will be accompanied by varying degrees of nephropathy.

Some patients may have different types of primary glomerulonephritis at the initial stage, but because the symptoms are not obvious or the diagnosis is not clear, it can easily lead to untimely treatment and lead to further deterioration of renal function. The renal function develops rapidly after the stage of renal failure, and it is difficult to prevent the progression to uremia.

Therefore, to prevent uremia, the important link is timely discovery, early treatment, chronic nephritis stage and chronic nephropathy stage 1 to 2 can be cured, until the appearance of renal insufficiency is late.

Urinary tract infection is also one of the "killer" of uremia. The kidney is an organ that forms urine, and if it causes an infection or a disease of the urinary system, the kidney is bound to be implicated. The occult nature of nephropathy is a headache, so you must pay attention to the symptoms of these different stages of kidney disease:

Initial symptoms of nephropathy: lumbar acid, fatigue, edema on the face, proteinuria, occult blood; intermediate symptoms of nephropathy: exacerbation of proteinuria, obvious swelling of both lower limbs, hypertension; late stage symptoms: nausea, vomiting, anorexia, anemia, Itchy skin, reduced urine volume.

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