Prevention of renal disease:first to avoid the risk factors of chronic kidney disease

According to the survey, the rate of nephritis patients in China reached 10%, one in 10 people with nephropathy. The data on chronic kidney disease are incredible, and the rate of awareness of kidney disease is poor relative to such a high incidence. The awareness rate of diabetes is about 32%, but that of nephropathy is about 23%. This makes more people to kidney failure, uremia only know they have kidney disease.

Prevention of renal disease:first to avoid the risk factors of chronic kidney disease

Therefore, it is essential to prevent nephropathy and avoid renal failure and uremia. To prevent nephropathy, we must avoid the risk factors of chronic kidney disease.

Hypertension: Hypertension and kidney disease interact with each other. Kidney usually have the role of regulating blood pressure, so kidney damage, blood pressure must rise. The kidney is the target organ of high blood pressure, blood pressure is the first damage to the kidneys. Gradually form hypertensive nephropathy. So prevent kidney disease, first prevent hypertension.

Cardiovascular disease: a major cause of death in patients with chronic kidney disease. Such as late uremia appear a series of complications, such as: heart failure, hyperlipidemia. Therefore, prevention and treatment of cardiovascular disease is necessary to reduce the mortality rate of chronic kidney disease. Mainly from the management of weight, smoking cessation, limiting sodium intake to start on lifestyle. In addition to control blood pressure, dyslipidemia is also very important!

Diabetes: When blood sugar is not well controlled in diabetics, the excess sugar in the body is not absorbed and will be turned into metabolic waste. Our kidneys are the organs that clean up these metabolic waste. Diabetic patients with poor glycemic control. It will increase the burden on the kidneys, because at this time the kidneys not only to clean up the body of other metabolic waste, but also more important tasks to clean blood sugar. In the long run, the kidneys naturally overwhelmed. There will be common complications of diabetes, diabetic nephropathy.

Family history of kidney disease, diabetes, hypertension. In addition to polycystic kidney disease , other diseases are not inherited. However, people with a family history of these diseases have a higher risk of kidney disease than the general population. Should pay special attention. Often detect blood pressure, check urinary protein, serum creatinine, glomerular filtration rate. Abnormalities should be immediately treated.

In order to prevent kidney disease, we should exercise regularly, control weight, balance diet, give up smoking, drink right amount of water and monitor cholesterol level. And regular medical examination. For patients with chronic kidney disease, they should control blood pressure, blood sugar, reduce sodium intake, adhere to low-protein high-quality protein diet, avoid the use of non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs, flu vaccination each year to avoid a cold.

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