What diseases can develop into uremia?

Although uremia is not cancer but also a killer of life-threatening, many people do not understand how uremia is caused, what are the diseases that can develop into uremia? In fact, there are many causes of uremia, but the common causes is related to kidney disease. Many patients with uremia patients at early stage are kidney disease patients.

According to statistics, many uremic patients lose their lives every year. The disease is still quite terrible. It also needs our attention and prompt prevention. To prevent uremia, we need to understand how uremia is caused. More effective. So we'd like to invite uremia experts to introduce you to each one.

Experts said: uremic pathogenesis of chronic renal infectious diseases: such as chronic pyelonephritis. Membrane proliferative glomerulonephritis, acute nephritis, membranous nephritis, focal glomerulosclerosis, etc. Without active and effective treatment, eventually leading to uremia.

In clinical, hypertension and arteriosclerosis, systemic lupus erythematosus, allergic purpura nephritis, gout and other secondary to systemic diseases, chronic urinary tract obstruction: such as kidney stones, bilateral ureteral calculi, urinary tract stenosis, benign prostatic hyperplasia, tumors and so on. If without timely control. The final deterioration of the condition can also cause uremia.

In addition, the etiology of uremia there are congenital kidney disease: such as polycystic kidney disease, hereditary nephritis and a variety of congenital renal tubular dysfunction. For the causes of uremia, in addition to the above reasons can lead to uremia, there are some other reasons, such as taking nephrotoxic drugs, and blind weight loss may lead to uremia.

Read the description of this article, you should understand the causes of uremia. To understand what diseases can develop into uremia should take effective prevention and control, so as to avoid the occurrence of uremia. If you still have other questions you do not understand, you can contact our online experts for advice!

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