How much water is healthy every day?

Drink water is very important to kidney. Drink water less, the body waste can't be discharged in time, can cause kidney damage. Drink water much, easy edema, serious still can cause heart failure, even endanger life. So how much water is the most healthy every day? 

How much water is healthy every day?

Healthy people, early kidney disease, should take the initiative to drink water. Many people wait until thirsty, will not go to drink. In fact, when we feel thirsty, the body is already in a state of water. Sometimes busy work, nervous games, The excitement of the conversation may cause us to ignore the feeling of thirst for a while.

The Chinese Nutrition Society recommends: drink at least 1, 500- 1700 ml of water a day. If you drink a small amount of scattered water multiple times, it is healthier to drink water than a full bottle of 500 ml water at a time. If you have diarrhea, a fever, a lot of sweating, etc., it should also be based on the severity of the situation. Increase the amount of water you drink.

In patients with oliguria and edema, drink according to the amount of urine. When patients with chronic nephropathy have symptoms of oliguria and edema, they need to limit the amount of water they drink. The appropriate amount of water for the whole day (including water and diet = 500ml for the day before urination). For example, A patient's urine volume was 700ml the day before, and the next day the amount of water consumed should be kept at 1200ml to avoid worsening edema. You need a calibrated glass of water to understand how much water you drink at a time.

Anuria, dialysis patients, drinking according to weight change. Patients who have no urine, who have dialysis, need to judge and adjust the quantity of drinking water according to their weight changes. The method of weight measurement is to choose to measure at a fixed time point every day. For example, after getting up, before meals, or before bedtime, the daily weight gain should not exceed 0.5 (half jin to 1 jin), and the weight gain during two dialysis periods is less than 3 ~ 3 kg / kg.

Water control techniques: contain an ice block; gargle with a small amount of water and spit out the water; drink with a small, calibrated glass.

The following foods should also be counted for the whole day. Drinks such as Coke, Sprite, Herbal Tea, Milk, Juice, Tea, Milk Tea, Wine, etc. Except milk and light tea, all other drinks are not recommended. But the nutritional value is actually lower, phosphorus, sodium, potassium, purine and other harmful substances are more. Therefore, it is not recommended. In the hospital visit process, often need infusion, at this time the amount of infusion should also be counted in the whole day "drink" water.

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