What Kind of Exercise Is Suitable for Patients with Renal Atrophy?

As we all know, the kidney is a very important organ of our human body. If the kidney goes wrong, it will cause a lot of problems, and if it grows up, it will lead to a lot of diseases. The main function of the kidney is to make urine and urinate. So we need to know more about the kidney, experts have instructed us to do more exercise, so do you know what exercise is suitable for kidney atrophy? Let our expert give a detailed introduction.

What Kind of Exercise Is Suitable for Patients with Renal Atrophy?

Once you have a kidney problem, it can cause a variety of symptoms, such as kidney stones, hydronephrosis, kidney cyst, Kidney failure, uremia and other diseases. The occurrence of nephropathy will have a very serious impact on our health. So we must do a good job of protecting the kidney in order to prevent these diseases.

Friend who already has a kidney disease needs to do some exercise while being supervised by a doctor, it will eliminate the disease more quickly. No matter what kind of kidney disease, there are blood circulation disorders of varying degrees, which is manifested by an increase in blood viscosity, slow blood flow and reduced renal blood flow and so on, these all may exacerbate kidney damage. Moderate exercise can improve blood circulation and help repair diseased kidneys.

You should drink less water before exercise, otherwise you will often urinate during exercise, adding to the burden of your kidneys. In order to improve the metabolic ability of your kidneys, you should drink more water in peacetime. When you exercise, you should take a proper amount, walk, jog and Taijiquan are good ways of doing sports, but don't forget to warm up well before exercising. The duration of each exercise is from 40 minutes to 60 minutes. Do not do exercise intensively. The heartbeat should be kept at about 60% of the maximum heart rate.

After exercise, do about 10 minutes stretch and relax, the strength is ease, mainly stretch waist abdomen, the main action is to stand upright body side, at the same time to the maximum, static 15-20 seconds, and then change to the other side.

The above is the relevant information collected by experts, you must have a certain understanding of the common sense! If you have any other nephrotic problems, you can visit other websites or leave us a message. Nephrology specialist of Tongshantang Hospital of Traditional Chinese Medicine will give you the most professional and effective treatment methods and suggestions.

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