How does nephrotic patients take medicine to improve the efficacy of the drug?

During nephritis to uremia, renal patients will not leave drugs. They are like hormones, antihypertensive drugs, immunosuppressive agents, Chinese patent medicines, etc. taking medicine is part of their lives. How can we take medicine to enhance their efficacy?

How does nephrotic patients take medicine to improve the efficacy of the drug?

The hormone medication time. Like other kinds of hormone drugs (such as prednisone, prednisolone and methylprednisolone) taken best in the morning 7-8. Because our body itself will glucocorticoid secretion, and the peak at 8~10 in the morning. If we cooperate with the secretion rule of body, resulting in 7,8 when the medication that will greatly reduce and prevent steroid induced adrenal insufficiency, and cortical atrophy of the adverse consequences.

Plymouth, statin use taboo. Perindopril, sartan drugs can not only lower blood pressure, reduce protein and protect renal function, has been a popular drug of nephrology. But if you want to play this kind of medicine is the maximum efficacy, to strictly control the intake of salt, less than 6g. because of the high salt diet will make this class of antihypertensive drug, reducing the effects of protein variation. So the effect of light diet for the better.

The best immunosuppressive efficacy test for fasting. Wheat like renal medicine commonly used: phenolic ester, cyclosporine, tacrolimus, influenced by the interference of eating, before eating within 1 hours or 2 hours after a meal. But after taking cyclosporine, tacrolimus and grapefruit with clothes, because grapefruit, grapefruit juice will affect the two drugs lead metabolism. Plasma concentration is not stable. So do not eat eat grapefruit during cyclosporine and tacrolimus.

Taking ferrous succinate and can not drink tea. Ferrous succinate drug treatment of anemia, if drink tea when taking medications, tea tannin and iron generated difficult to absorb deposits, affect the body's absorption of iron, is not conducive to patients with blood.

At evening taking simvastatin. Because most of the cholesterol body are in the evening and lipid-lowering drug synthesis, and relatively short half-life, so in the evening to take effect is better. But other statins such as atorvastatin, rosuvastatin has a long half-life, taking a day in any time can not. Limited to the night.

Note: half-life, the time required to reduce the highest concentration of the drug by half, the long half-life of the drug indicates that it is slowly eliminated in the body and the interval of the drug is long.


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