Nephrotic patients want to avoid exacerbation, to achieve th

Get enough sleep and improve your immunity. Getting enough sleep is critical to your health, not only do you feel tired and rest, but your organs also need to rest and adjust. In order to continue to function normally.

Nephrotic patients want to avoid exacerbation, to achieve these four is very important!

Kidney as the detoxification organ of the body, carries on a large number of detoxification "work" every day, generally only has the rest time at night, but if we stay up late at night, all night, cause kidney can't rest normally. Overload work, over time, will lead to kidney damage, resulting in renal function decline, causing kidney disease.

Patients need more rest after illness, not only enhance their own immunity and resistance, but also let the kidney get adequate rest, reduce the burden of kidney, conducive to the recovery of the disease. Sleep time fixed every day. It is reasonable to be 6 o'clock late at 10:00 and can be adjusted for half an hour according to one's own condition, but not more than 11:00 at the latest.

Life lies in exercise and kidney in detoxification. In addition to the detoxification function of the kidney, skin, sweat glands and so on can also help the body detoxify, more exercise helps the blood flow throughout the body, so that the toxin can not accumulate. Because work is busy before, there is almost no time for exercise, the functions of the body slowly decline, resistance, immunity decline, so it is more likely to be targeted by the disease.

Patients can exercise gently, such as walking, yoga, cycling and so on, provided that according to their own circumstances, a little sweat will, do not be particularly tired.

Dietary health is the premise, nutrition balance is the focus. Bad eating habits have a great impact on physical health. The causes of kidney damage in addition to primary secondary diseases, such as hypertension, diabetes, gout and so on. These diseases and people's high salt, high fat, high purine diet habits have a great relationship, long-term easily induced diseases aggravate damage to the kidney, increase kidney excretion burden. Daily dietary principles: eat more fruits and vegetables, cereals. Low-fat or non-fat foods, as well as beans, nuts, etc. Avoid foods that are high in salt, fat, and purine.

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