Patients with renal atrophy should pay attention to the interaction between drugs

The main cause of renal atrophy is the development of renal insufficiency in patients. With the gradual progress of the disease, renal atrophy will be more and more serious. If the renal atrophy in the early or mid-term, treatment and prognosis of the better results. If it is at the end, it is more difficult to treat. Therefore, the key to treatment of renal atrophy is the timing of treatment and treatment methods to grasp, can seize the favorable opportunity to block the formation of fibrosis in the process of deterioration of the joint decision is the key to success or failure. And whether it is in the early, middle and late, the time required for treatment is longer, and the choice of therapy is more cautious.

Patients with renal atrophy should pay attention to the interaction between drugs

The method of treatment must be based on the patient's primary cause of renal atrophy, the fundamental treatment. Specific medication and treatment needs vary from person to person. Especially in the medication, the kidney atrophy of the kidney itself has been a serious injury, if you eat to increase the burden of kidney and even kidney injury drugs, the damage to the kidney can be imagined. Blind medication will cause irreversible deterioration of the kidney.

Therefore, in the course of treatment medication should pay attention to: firstly the selection of good efficacy, the impact of small drugs on renal function; with the excretion of drugs by the kidneys, we must follow the doctor medication, do not make their own ideas; medication adverse reactions , Should be promptly told soon, timely reduction or disable the impact of the function of the kidney drugs; need long-term medication, should always go to the hospital to detect drug concentration; pay attention to the interaction between drugs to prevent the efficacy of a drug or side effects due to the impact of other drugs and changes in the course of medication should be regularly checked liver and kidney function, while careful examination of their original disease with or without change.

The above is about the patients with renal atrophy should pay attention to the interaction between drugs, hoping to help you, if you have questions about kidney disease need a detailed understanding, you can consult our online experts, our experts will reply as soon as possible your.

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