What is the diet for hydronephrosis patients?

Hydronephrosis in addition to drug treatment, but also need to take diet care. But many patients don’t know well about how to keep the diet. The following will introduce, some points for attention in diet nursing of hydronephrosis, we hope to help.
In the daily diet of the hydronephrosis, try to eat less or not eat salty and high protein food. Such as salt, eggs, potatoes, soybeans, etc, may be appropriate to eat white radish and honey and other food is conducive to clear the digestive tract.
If it is unilateral hydronephrosis, there is no need to limit the daily intake of water, if it is bilateral hydronephrosis, there will be renal dysfunction, then we should limit the daily water intake. In order to avoid increasing the burden of hydronephrosis, should not eat too much protein-rich foods. Energy intake depends mainly on carbohydrates and fatty foods.
The above is the introduction of hydronephrosis diet, I believe we have a certain understanding. There are many aspects of kidney water diet care need to pay attention. If you still have questions, you can browse other pages of this website, you can also consult our online experts, or leave us a message, we will reply to you as soon as possible.

What is the diet for hydronephrosis patients

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