What is the treatment of high serum creatinine level?

Creatinine value higher than normal refers to high creatinine, creatinine, including serum creatinine and urinary creatinine, but serum creatinine measured renal function is more meaningful. So high creatinine refers to the high serum creatinine. So, what is the treatment of high serum creatinine level? The following is a detailed description.
Nephropathy is due to kidney cells, glomerular sclerosis, fibrosis, a large number of toxins in the body can not be discharged in the accumulation of creatinine increased. At this point the key to treatment to fundamentally block the progress of renal fibrosis, repair damaged kidney cells, restore kidney function, as long as the pathological damage in place, the indicators will naturally decrease, the disease will be controlled, so as not to develop into kidney failure, uremia.
 What is the treatment of high serum creatinine level? Traditional high serum creatinine treatment is the application of angiotensin-converting enzyme inhibitors, dialysis, kidney transplantation and so on. But the treatment of drugs can only control the disease, dialysis can only temporarily alleviate the symptoms of physical poisoning, and kidney transplantation is more difficult, and after kidney transplantation, a large number of anti rejection drugs are needed. Therefore, patients should choose the appropriate treatment according to their own conditions.

What is the treatment of high serum creatinine level

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