What are the causes of high serum creatinine?

Creatinine, including serum creatinine and urinary creatinine, in general, patients with kidney disease will generally be accompanied by elevated serum creatinine, but many patients do not understand what is the reason. The following is the introduction of causes of high serum creatinine, we hope to help.
Nephrotic patients in the clinical examination will occur in the fluctuations of creatinine, manifested as higher than normal serum creatinine, and urine creatinine below normal. High serum creatinine is due to the kidneys after a variety of causes of violations, at first damaged kidney cells in the phenotype transformation, the formation of pathological changes, to stimulate the kidney fibroblasts into myofibroblasts, but also violations and excitation the inherent normal renal tissue, the occurrence of the same lesions, thus forming the kidney from point to surface, from the local to the whole, to expand the excitation of the spread of the process, which entered the injury period (renal injury stage), at this time because the kidneys continue to cause damage, the excretion of waste function has been reduced, resulting in creatinine and other toxins gathered in the body, resulting in blood creatinine, elevated urea nitrogen, urinary creatinine decreased, decreased renal filtration rate.
The above content is the introduction of causes of high serum creatinine, I believe we have a certain understanding. High serum creatinine, indicates renal function received damage, the higher the serum creatinine value, the more severe damage to renal function, so patients must control the level of serum creatinine.

What are the causes of high serum creatinine

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