Why low protein diet in chronic kidney disease patient?

Chronic kidney disease patients are often accompanied by a large number of proteinuria, leading to the loss of protein from urine, and even some patients with hypoproteinemia. Many patients think protein loss, should not be to supplement protein? Why would you want a low protein diet? Below editor introduce to you, why low protein diet in chronic kidney disease patient, for your reference only.
In the normal renal function, the protein in food through digestion and absorption, decomposition, part of protein and amino acids are absorbed by the body, in order to maintain the normal physiological function of the body, and part after catabolism produced nitrogenous wastes such as uremic nitrogen excreted from the kidney. In chronic renal damage, the ability of the kidneys to excrete these wastes is greatly diminished, so the waste of protein catabolism accumulates in the blood and becomes a metabolic toxin. If the high protein diet at this time, the toxins will rapidly increase. In addition, high protein diet will also increase the burden of kidney, accelerate the pace of renal failure. Low protein diet, can reduce the generation and accumulation of protein metabolites, vascular resistance can reduce renal arterioles, reduce glomerular pressure, reduce glomerular hypertrophy, so as to reduce the residual renal unit high load working condition, delaying the progression of kidney disease.
The above content is a detailed description of chronic kidney disease low protein diet, I believe you all have a certain understanding. Low protein diet is very important for patients with kidney disease, but the specific protein intake, but also according to the patient's own circumstances.

Why low protein diet in chronic kidney disease patient

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