How to prevent hyperuric acid caused by kidney disease

With the improvement of living standards, the proportion of foods rich in protein and purine increased, the number of people with hyperuricemia is increasing. If the uric acid crystals in the body long-term deposition, it will cause gout, and then develop into more severe kidney disease and even uremia. Therefore, the prevention of high uric acid and hyperuric acid caused by kidney disease without delay.

How to prevent hyperuric acid caused by kidney disease

Experts pointed out that the prevention of hyperuric acid caused by kidney disease should pay attention to the following:

First, the early diagnosis of early diagnosis: middle-aged people above the regular routine check blood uric acid.

Second, to avoid incentives: caution with uric acid excretion of drugs, such as furosemide or thiazide diuretics, etc, the renal function and the change of serum uric acid should be monitored strictly while using. Compound class of antihypertensive drugs may contain such drugs.

Third, the dietary consideration:

1, a lot of water intake or eating more water content of food, to maintain the daily urine output in 2000ml above, in order to facilitate the discharge of uric acid.

2, alcoholic drinks can reduce the excretion of uric acid in the kidneys, especially beer containing high purine, must be strictly controlled.

3, the choice of vegetables, fruits and other alkaline foods, can promote the uric acid dissolved and excreted.

4, low purine diet: less heart, liver, kidney and other offal, seafood and alcohol, cooking should also use the soup boiled, and then abandoned the soup to eat, to reduce the intake of purine.

5, control the intake of protein, 0.8 to 1.0 g / kg per day.

6, usually should avoid spicy stimulating products, such as pepper, curry, mustard, hot pot and so on.

Uric acid nephropathy early mild to moderate proteinuria and renal urine thickening dysfunction, late hypertension, azotemia, and the development of end-stage renal failure. Therefore, we must treat it as soon as possible. If you have questions about kidney disease and need to understand, you can consult our online experts, our experts will reply to you as soon as possible.

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