How to take nursing care of membranous nephropathy?

Membranous nephropathy is mainly glomerular lesions of allergic inflammation, it is a relatively common disease, has a lot of damage on the human body. So suffering from membranous kidney disease must be actively treated, and do nursing work, to avoid disease worsening. Today we’ll talk about how to take nursing care of membranous nephropathy.
Active disease control and treatment is completed, patients with membranous nephropathy should be repeated renal biopsy, renal pathological changes observed to determine whether there is a tendency to chronic, in order to take timely measures.
For patients with membranous nephropathy, in the daily life, we must pay attention to take more rest, to avoid the occurrence of fatigue or infection occurred. In the daily diet which is best to take low-protein as the main source, to pay more attention to ensure the intake of vitamins in diet.
Membranous kidney disease patients with severe edema should avoid salt, limit the amount of protein food intake, drinking less water. If edema is not serious, can take the low sodium diet; patients without edema does not have to limit the amount of water and protein food intake; patients with microscopic hematuria and easy to get inflamed should drink more water, eat more apples, sugar, black sesame seeds, fungus.
The above is the introduction of membranous nephropathy nursing care, we hope to help. If you have any other questions, please consult our online doctor or leave us a message, we will reply to you as soon as possible.

How to take nursing care of membranous nephropathy

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