What foods are not conducive to the treatment of kidney ston

Kidney stones patients do not eat or eat less the following foods:

What foods are not conducive to the treatment of kidney stones?

1, eat less dry beans, internal organs, yeast and germs , such foods will make urinary calcium and uric acid content increased.

2, eat less too much salty food, such as pickled food, this kind of food will reduce urine output.

3, foods that damage the kidney function of food is also unfit .

4, animal offal should not be a lot of food.

5, soybeans to eat less.

6, spinach and so eat less.

7, can be used as medicine tea drugs can not be used for a long time to prevent damage to renal function.

Kidney stones patients to eat more food:

1, add more vitamin k, such as: spinach, cauliflower, etc. are rich in content.

2, eat more rich in vitamin a yellow green vegetables.

3, taste as light as possible, seasoning should be moderated.

For the treatment of kidney stones, the above contents are briefly described, and it is hoped that offering help the patients who are receiving the treatment of kidney stones .

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