What are the symptoms of membranous nephropathy?

Membranous nephropathy is a common disease, including acute membranous nephropathy and chronic membranous nephropathy. Patients with membranous nephropathy, there will be different symptoms. Today we will introduce you the common symptoms of membranous nephropathy, we hope to help.
Acute membranous nephropathy can be manifested as sudden onset of low back pain, often relatively intense, accompanied by kidney pain; patients often have gross hematuria, white blood cells, urinary protein suddenly increased, high blood pressure and acute renal damage, bilateral kidney venous thrombosis, and even oliguria and acute renal failure, renal enlargement may occur in the affected side. Chronic membranous nephropathy may have renal tubular dysfunction, such as renal diabetes, amino acid urine, renal tubular acidosis and so on. In addition, membranous nephropathy may be complicated by pulmonary embolism. Can also occur in renal thrombosis, such as brain, heart, lower limbs and so on. For clear diagnosis to take renal vein or renal artery angiography, radioactive kidney and CT also help to diagnose.
What are the symptoms of membranous nephropathy? The above is a detailed description, for your reference. If you still have questions, you can browse the rest of this site, you can also consult our online doctor, or leave us a message, we will reply to you as soon as possible.

What are the symptoms of membranous nephropathy

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