Whether Iga kidney disease patients can eat eggs?

Many people after getting sick, often choose to eat eggs to supply body, then, whether IgA kidney disease patients can eat eggs? For this problem, let the experts to explain to you, hoping to help patients with kidney disease.

Patients suffering from hepatitis, nephritis eating eggs, some problems should be noted. IgA nephropathy patients should not eat eggs. The renal function and metabolism decreased significantly during the course of the disease, reduced urine output, the body of toxins can not be all excreted. At this point if you eat eggs, eggs will inevitably increase the metabolites, so there will be more accumulation of urea in the body, so that the condition aggravated. Therefore, nephritis patients should avoid eating eggs when their condition worsens; in the stable phase can eat some.

Almost all kidney disease (including IgA nephropathy) patients, in the daily diet conditioning, need to use plant oil mainly, as little as possible to eat animal oil; edible meat to lean meat-based, add high-quality low-protein, avoid fat meat.

Nephrotic patients should avoid eating "meat food". Because the meat will increase the kidney damage. Meat is a dietary contraindication for patients with kidney disease, but also belong to high-fat diet, high-fat diet will not only aggravate IgA nephropathy patients’ kidney damage, can also cause healthy kidney damage.

Medical studies have shown that high-fat diet can cause cardiovascular damage. Similarly, hyperlipidemia on the kidney glomerular capillaries can also cause significant damage. So if the patient take high-fat diet, then the remaining glomerular damage can be imagined, the role of glomerular filtration is undoubtedly worse.

Through the introduction of the above content, you should now clear of it, treat the disease must be timely diagnosis and timely treatment, not blind careless, so as not to delay the disease, so that the disease deteriorated, to patients with more serious harm. If you have any other questions, please click on the online expert for consultation, our experts will reply to you as soon as possible.

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