Operation on kidney stone:common complications of extracorpo

In vitro shock waves, although safe and effective, but sometimes in the treatment or after treatment there will be some side effects, generally not serious. The complications and treatment are as follows:

Hematuria: in vitro shock wave after stone surgery, almost all patients will appear in varying degrees of hematuria, kidney stones more common. Hematuria is produced in the process of gravel and the surrounding tissue mucosal friction caused by mucosal damage, stone fragments in the discharge movement slightly through the mucosa, as well as shock waves caused by edema and bleeding and other causes. General hematuria lighter, pale pink, no special treatment, 1-2 days to self-mitigation and disappearance.

Common complications of extracorporeal lithotripsy

Colic: more common in kidney stones, more light, given the antispasmodic analgesic treatment can be relieved. Such as kidney stones are too large, after the occurrence of ureteral lithotripsy accumulation obstruction of the ureter, can be used to accumulate gravel again gravel.

Fever: more inside the urinary tract infection without control and gravel caused by, or due to accumulation of urinary tract obstruction caused by ruby should be given antibiotic treatment, if necessary, bacterial culture and susceptibility testing and selection of antibiotics.

Ureter crushed stone accumulation: This is due to larger stones after gravel treatment more often the problem. Such as gravel after the accumulation of stones in the ureter caused by obstruction, can be used to accumulate the gravel accumulation of extracorporeal shock wave to remove the obstruction, if necessary, ureteroscopy stone.

Blood in the stool: If the treatment of gastrointestinal excess gas, shock wave damage to the digestive tract mucosa can cause intestinal bleeding. General bleeding slightly, without special treatment can be self-healing. In the treatment before doing intestinal cleaning preparation, reduce intestinal gas accumulation, can avoid injury.

Renal parenchymal damage: general renal damage slightly, can be quickly restored, leaving no scar.

Stone recurrence: mostly due to stone factors did not remove, or leave some of the residual stones are not completely exhausted, and gravel incarcerated in the mucosa caused.

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