Operation on kidney stone:indications of in vitro shock wave

In vitro shock wave row of stone machine than the principle of in vitro impact crusher is two different equipment, in vitro shock wave stone machine advantage is that it has no damage to the organ, and row of stone thoroughly, the patient is painless and easy to accept, so it is The current treatment of a variety of stones the best choice; and in vitro impact crusher is the organ damage and more painful.

Indications of in vitro shock waves

In vitro shock waves and the scope of treatment include:

For less than 1.2cm of various kidney stones should be the first choice in vitro shock wave row stone method for row of stone treatment, due to no kidney damage, row of stone thoroughly, safe and painless, no impact gravel of the deputy damage; if the stone diameter greater than 1.2cm or more , Can be the first application of extracorporeal impact gravel method for gravel, and then in vitro shock wave row of stone method for a thorough row of stone treatment, to complement each other.

Renal multiple stones associated with ipsilateral ureteral stones in patients, should first exclude ureteral stones, and then in the renal multiple stones discharged to prevent the ureter "stone street" formation.

The larger stones in the kidney after the impact of lithotripsy in the kidney after the residual renal pelvis, calyceal small stones in vitro shock wave row of stone method for the best row of stone treatment of the best indications, this is because the high-frequency superconducting Shock can directly touch the kidney under the extreme stones into the renal pelvis and ureter and excreted.

In vitro shock wave row of stone indications: the above is the treatment of kidney stones in vitro shock wave stone method, in vitro shock wave row of stone is the leading domestic and international treatment of new technology, is the treatment of kidney stones and other stone disease of choice method, With its completely complete row of stone effect, without any organ damage.

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