How to deal with the pain caused by kidney stones?

Kidney stone is a common urinary system disease. Its etiology is complex, and its composition is perse. The common components of kidney stones include calcium stones, infection stones, uric acid stones, etc.. Data show that kidney stone is a benign disease, then, how to deal with the pain caused by kidney stones?

How to deal with the pain caused by kidney stones?

1, bed rest, to encourage patients to drink more water, conducive to stone discharge.

2, severe renal pain can be hot or atropine 0.5mg, 3 times a day, can also be needling Shenshu, Sanyinjiao, Zusanli, analgesic and excretion of stone.

3, if patients with urinary tract infection, oral Pipemidic Acid 0.5g or norfloxacin 0.2g, 3 times a day.

4, after the emergency treatment, should be sent to hospital for further diagnosis and treatment.

Above is the relevant introduction about how to deal with the pain caused by kidney stones, kidney stones, hope to help patients, experts remind: the incidence of kidney stones to early detection and treatment, so as not to miss the best opportunity for treatment.


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