How does lipid abnormalities damage the kidneys?

Once someone with a lipid rich food to feed a lot of rats, guinea pigs, rabbits, high lipid appear in plasma, the results showed their glomerular increased, renal tissue changes under the microscope, found that glomerular sclerosis, and some of these changes, the degree, and plasma cholesterol levels are closely the relationship between degree, thus confirming the elevated blood lipids can damage the kidneys.

How does lipid abnormalities damage the kidneys?

For humans, if there is no damage to the kidneys, hyperlipidemia will not directly cause kidney disease. But if you have kidney disease, the situation is different. Have kidney disease, if blood LDL increased, it will be with mesangial cell specificity in the kidney combined induced proliferation of mesangial cells, which promote glomerular sclerosis, also can be said to be a prelude to chronic renal failure.

In recent years, experts have found that the variation of apolipoprotein levels in plasma is not obvious, but there is a deposition of apolipoproteins in renal tissues. Once the deposit occurs, the amount of protein excreted in urine is more, and the level of plasma total protein is lower. If renal biopsy is performed, the hardening changes in renal tissue are more obvious. Therefore, it is believed that the deposition of apolipoproteins in the kidney can accelerate kidney damage, and this local deposition is more serious than the rise of systemic lipids in human glomeruli.

If the increase in plasma lipid carrier protein A levels, but also promote the atherosclerosis risk factors, and risk for intravascular embolization; original kidney disease, will also accelerate the rate of deterioration of renal function, because of the abnormal plasma lipid, can promote blood coagulation, glomerular fibrin deposition also, so the kidney the disease also increased.

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