Whether the kidneys are healthy can be judged by the palm of the hand

Don't worry about the tedious procedures involved in going to a kidney hospital. If you feel uncomfortable with the kidneys, you can get some information you need from the palm print. The points in the palm of the hand, the various parts of the body, have been dug out, reaching out to see the palm of the hand, giving us a little message about the kidneys.

Whether the kidneys are healthy can be judged by the palm of the hand

Would like to see whether the kidney is healthy, we first concern the kidney empty. If your entire face is usually red and white, you'll also notice that the surface of the skin is uneven. This time you may have kidney yang deficiency. If the little finger lateral veins appear faint, that you may be congenital kidney deficiency, the longer that the more serious illness, kidney problems, such as low back and boring, often will find you.

Following the above feelings of little finger area is the reflection area of the kidney, if there is red and longitudinal lines, is likely to be threatened the incidence of acute nephritis, we must pay attention on whether there is swelling phenomenon. If the various lines on the palm for subcutaneous edema and appear pale, palm color bright, that is beginning to turn a serious illness. Chronic nephritis is mostly caused by acute nephritis. Latent nephritis is usually manifested in the middle of the lifeline, with a large number of interfering lines passing through it. If the marriage line is too long, even down to the feelings of the line, think carefully, often feel is not a recent lumbago? If marriage line has been sagging, and is finally connected with the health line, even more than the healthy line, if you have a clear sense of the body resistance drops, it must be careful, is likely to lead to kidney the function declined.

Kidney, whether for men or women, is very important. Keep an eye on our palms and focus on our health. When you feel unwell, you should go to the kidney hospital as soon as possible. If you still need to know more about the kidney disease, you can consult our online expert, and our experts will reply to you as soon as possible.

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