The old man's eyelid swelling should be alert to kidney disease

After people get old, this is the good fortune of age, but because of such reasons, various diseases have to find the door, taking medicine and injection effect is not good, which has great impact on life. Generally speaking, the eyelid swelling in the elderly may be physiological, but more pathological, we will take a look at it.

The old man's eyelid swelling should be alert to kidney disease

Physiological eyelid swelling mainly related to sleep. In the evening, when the pillow is too low, the sleeping time is too short or too long, it will cause eyelid swelling. This kind of physiological eyelid swelling usually disappears after one hour. Pathological eyelid swelling is caused by local disease of the eyelid or systemic disease. Eyelid local diseases have eyelids, acute inflammation, conjunctivitis, keratitis and so on. Systemic diseases include acute and chronic kidney disease, heart disease, hypothyroidism and anemia.

After the eyelid swelling occurs in the elderly, we should first judge whether it is physiological or pathological. If soon disappear, general physiological eyelid swelling; if the eyelid swelling accompanied by swelling and heat pain symptoms, caused by eyelid inflammation; if the eyelid swelling without swelling and heat pain symptoms, and for a few days not subsided, mostly due to systemic disease, because this should pay attention to.

Kidney disease is very different from eyelid swelling caused by heart disease. Edema of the eyelids of the kidneys is marked by swelling of the eyelids after waking up in the morning, while edema of the eyelids is most pronounced at night. If there is no obvious change in eyelid swelling from morning till night, and the face is dull and dull, it is likely to be a symptom of hypothyroidism.

After the introduction of the above, you for the elderly appear swollen eyelids should be clear, in patients with nephropathy, in line with the process of medical treatment of nephropathy, should strengthen nursing nephropathy, develop good living and eating habits in life, it is good for the rehabilitation of the disease.

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