Why are the elderly prone to cancer?

People of any age may develop cancer, but they are more likely to develop cancer as people age. Generally more than 40 years of age is most likely to cancer. This may be related to the following factors.

Why are the elderly prone to cancer?

There is a larger latency period before cancer develops. Carcinogens in the human body, the disease is not immediately, often after 15-30 years of "cancer latency". Usually 20 years. So, if the 20-30 year old often contact carcinogens, the result will be 40-50 years after the onset of disease, so that the age of cancer seems to be big.

With age, the immune function of the body is weakened, so the immune surveillance effect of the disease gradually decreases since the age of 40. The decrease of immune function is beneficial to the occurrence and development of tumor.

The greater the age, the more chance of exposure to cancer causing factors, and the carcinogenic factors on the body will also be more and more big, such as smokers, smoking longer, the possibility of cancer will increase.

The elderly lung cancer, gastric cancer, prostate cancer, colorectal cancer, cervical cancer, chronic inflammation, may cause older people themselves have been the existence of chronic bronchitis, gastritis and ulcer disease, prostatitis, enteritis, cervical inflammation.

Although the tissue decline in older people is unstoppable, it can help fight cancer. Such as active exercise, improve physical fitness and health level, to develop good hygiene habits, pay attention to dietary balance of nutrition, and actively prevent and control all kinds of chronic diseases, in order to prevent cancer.

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